Each and every one of us probably has a bunch of websites we go to in the morning and, if you’re reading this, /Film is probably one of them. Thank you very much. It’s getting to a point now, though, where we might all have to add one more site to our daily surf schedule:  Steve Johnson’s Facebook page. In the past few months, the visual effects legend has single-handedly blown the lid off of several Superman projects that never made it to the big screen. Just this week, we posted concept art from the J.J. Abrams Superman film that never happened and, a few months ago, we posted your first look at the costume that was being considered for Tim Burton’s late 1990s film Superman Lives. To call it a radical departure from the traditional Superman costume would be an understatement. And all of those images came from Johnson.

Today, we’ve got even more photos from the failed Tim Burton Superman Lives. Check them out after the break. Read More »


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Hey Zack Snyder! Here’s how not to make your new Superman movie. It seems like every few years, we get another glimpse of the incredible amount of money Warner Brothers threw into pre-production on a Tim Burton directed Superman film called Superman Lives. As far back as 2006, concept art from the film began surfacing online and last year not only did more concept images rear their ugly little heads, a now infamous shot of star Nicolas Cage wearing a radical (and not in the fun, ’80s way) take on the Man of Steel was revealed. Well, visual and makeup effects guru Steve Johnson just posted a whole gallery of never before seen costume images from this failed project. If this wasn’t a Superman movie, I’d say these costumes look great. But being as it is Superman, well, let’s just say I’m glad Bryan Singer and Zack Snyder got there first. Check out more after the jump. Read More »


That chap Superman sure keeps making the news but doesn’t seem to be making many movies lately, does he? The latest appearance from Jor-El Kal-El on the /Film radar is with two previously unreleased paintings Tim Burton made when planning a rather unorthodox Superman picture back in the 90s.

This was the film that was going to see Nicolas Cage as Superman and the reworking of which upset Kevin Smith’s sensibilities so much. I still quietly mourn it to this day, when reminded of it. It certainly wasn’t going to give us a Superman as we’ve seen him before, but well… obviously, we’ve already seen him like that before. Let’s see a new one, why not.

Coming up after the break, two Superman Lives pre-production paintings from Burton’s current MoMA retrospective and, random chance willing, the lavish and eminently gift-listable accompanying book.

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