Yes, that Munsters reboot is still happening, and now it even has a star. After the jump:

  • Eddie Izzard heads to Mockingbird Lane
  • Mad Men messes up a tiny period detail
  • Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is an actor now
  • Terra Nova star Jason O’Mara finds a new job
  • Starz has already renewed Magic City
  • HBO has new posters for Veep and Girls

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Comedy nerds rejoice: WTF with Marc Maron is heading to a small screen near you, thanks to IFC. Also after the jump:

  • Starz’ Magic City gets a new, NSFW trailer
  • NBC renews Grimm for Season 2
  • TNT announces its summer lineup
  • Game of Thrones unveils new character portraits
  • The Walking Dead video game gets a trailer

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If you, like me, have a long Netflix streaming queue filled with movies you’ve been meaning to see but can never quite seem to find the time for, now may be a good time to finally get around to crossing some of those off your to-do list. You may recall that last fall, just as Netflix was dealing with the massive backlash to its price increases, Starz broke off negotiations to renew its deal with the home video service.

Well, February 29 marks the end of the companies’ existing contract, meaning that this week will be your last chance to stream Toy Story 3, Scarface, or Party Down on Netflix. More details — including a link to a list of the expiring Starz titles — after the jump.

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There’s some bad and some good in today’s TV Bits, but I’d say there’s more of the latter — more Shameless, more Homeland, more Jennifer Coolidge, and Olga Kurylenko in late ’50s Miami all count as pluses, right? After the jump:

  • Showtime’s Shameless get a Season 2 trailer — and invites fans to play Truth or Dare with one of the characters
  • Starz debuts a trailer for Magic City, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olga Kurylenko, and Danny Huston
  • CBS gives full season orders to Unforgettable and Person of Interest
  • Showtime renews freshman series Homeland
  • Jennifer Coolidge signs on for CBS’ 2 Broke Girls
  • Jenna Elfman boards the fifth season of DirecTV’s Damages
  • Starz’ Boss loses its two showrunners
  • ABC’s Pan Am gets a new showrunner

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As with film, not every television project that enters development actually makes it to the screen — but sighing over what could’ve been is a task for some other day. Today, our curiosity is piqued by some of the more interesting-sounding series in the works, including shows by Transformers helmer Michael Bay (how’s he gonna fit all those explosions on a tiny screen?) and Dark Knight writer David Goyer. I don’t know that I’d actually want to follow all of these series if they actually made it to air, but I’ll be keeping an eye on them to see how they pan out. After the jump:

  • Starz orders Da Vinci’s Demons, by Dark Knight writer David Goyer
  • Michael Bay will exec produce Outsiders for The CW
  • NBC buys a new comedy by Scrubs writer Tim Hobert and the guy who played intern Lonnie on same
  • Showtime buys a new comedy from the Farrelly Bros.

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Today the new pricing structure for Netflix went into full effect, but that’s not the biggest blow landed to the company’s PR campaign this afternoon.

Starz, the company through which Netflix gets a rather large percentage of its streaming cataloge, has backed out of negotiations to extent its current content deal, and will remove its content from the Netflix Watch Instantly service when the existing contract expires in February 2012. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Briefly: What happened today with Sony and Netflix? It is a slightly complicated situation, but here’s the short version: Sony movies are made available to stream via Netflix thanks to deals that both companies have with Starz. Evidently there is a wrinkle in the Sony/Starz contract that needs to be sorted out, in that it stipulates a maximum number of users to whom Starz can deliver content. Netflix has grown to the point where it is out-delivering what Starz is allowed to provide. (Weird contract stipulation, and while I can imagine scenarios that would require it — having to do with competition and terms in contracts Sony has with other companies — we don’t know more than that.)

So Sony and Starz have to rework their contract, and until then Netflix will not be able to stream Sony movies. Starz promises that this is temporary. “Sony movies have been temporarily taken down from the StarzPlay service on Netflix. All parties are working diligently to resolve the issue and return the films to Netflix members.”[Netflix]

Is Netflix losing its grip? Mere days after announcing their first major gamble by moving into original programming, their on demand service is taking two serious blows. Earlier this week, Showtime announced their upcoming deal would not include the rights to show their original programming like Dexter and Californication on the service and then Starz, one of Netflix’s longest partners, said that beginning with Camelot (above) they’ll begin implementing a 90 day delay before allowing their original content to show up on Watch Instantly. Plus, Starz will soon start doing the same thing with their movies.

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When Netflix partnered with the Starz network in October 2008 the deal was a serious coup. Through the deal with Starz, Netflix got access to a large library of streaming movies, and did so without having to negotiate digital rights with individual studios. Some of the Starz content is represented by old, low-quality pan and scan transfers (just try to stream The Terminator) but much of the content is quite good. If you’ve watched Wall-E streaming on Netflix it is thanks to the Starz deal.

Now Bloomberg is reporting on a possible change to the deal. We knew this would happen sooner or later: Disney is seeking to change the terms of the business it does with Starz.
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