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In this edition of Rogue One Bits:

  • Learn about four supporting aliens in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  • The latest and greatest on Imperial shield generator technology.
  • New images and TV spots and banners and magazine covers have arrived.
  • Mads Mikkelsen still can’t say much about Galen Erso.
  • Every theater chain is offering collectors’ items with their Rogue One tickets.
  • Details on the first 20 minutes of the film.
  • And more!

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rogue one featurette

In the months leading up to the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it feels like we’ve talked about every character in the movie except Diego Luna‘s Captain Cassian Andor, whose role appears to be “straight-laced soldier who has to wrangle together all of those strange rebel misfits.” Since I like Luna quite a bit and am eagerly awaiting to see him contribute to the Star Wars universe, this new featurette focusing on his experiences on the set of the film feels like it arrived at the just the right time.

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obi-wan kenobi spin-off movie

A Star Wars spin-off movie focusing on Obi-Wan Kenobi in the years between the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy sounds like a license to print money and make everyone happy. The fans want it. Ewan McGregor wants to do it. So why not pull the trigger and make it happen?

Well, the latest story circling around the internet is that Lucasfilm isn’t sitting on an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie because they don’t want to do it, but for…other reasons. Reasons that some fans may not want to know if they’re concerned about potential spoilers. Consider that your warning before scrolling down.

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Star Wars female directors

In a lot of ways, the Star Wars franchise is more female-friendly than ever. Rey and Jyn are positioned as the first new protagonists of the Disney era. Women like Kathleen Kennedy and Kiri Hart are in charge behind the scenes at Lucasfilm, and women make up half the executive team. But there’s one area of Star Wars filmmaking that shows a disappointing lack of progress: even now, every single filmmaker who has directed or is slated to direct a Star Wars movie is male.

And although Kennedy has insisted we will see some female filmmakers join the Star Wars franchise someday, it sounds like that day might still be a ways off. In a recent interview, Kennedy said the difficulty so far has been finding female filmmakers with the right experience.  Read More »

Rogue One IMAX Poster

Sadly, nowadays when a movie hits the IMAX screen, it’s usually also in 3D by default. Very rarely are there IMAX screens showing a movie in 2D. However, in the case of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, there will be a very small amount of theaters not only showing the movie in IMAX 2D, but with a 70mm projection as well.

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Rogue One Extended TV Spot

Last night, ABC aired The Wonderful World of Disney Holiday Celebration, and along with it came an exclusive look at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Disney CEO Bob Iger introduced the extended TV spot that mostly features footage that we’ve seen in the previous trailers and TV spots, but there are some snippets of new footage in there, including some new dialogue from Director Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) and a couple cool moments for the droid K-2SO (Alan Tudyk). In addition, there’s an encounter with one of the new AT-ACT walkers around the 1:10 mark of the video that you might want to save for the movie.

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rogue one: a star wars story international trailer 2 darth vader

If you’ve spent the Thanksgiving holiday unable to concentrate on enjoying time with your friends and family because you had no idea when tickets for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would go on sale…we’re here to ask if you’re okay. No judgments here. We love you. Really. Are you okay? For real.

But now, you can rest easy because we now know when Rogue One tickets will be available.

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star wars catalyst

James Luceno‘s new novel Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel has to fill a very specific gap in the Star Wars timeline – it’s a prequel to a prequel, while also being a sequel to the prequel trilogy.

Specifically, it explores the backstory of key characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, following them as they survive the Clone Wars and the rule of the newly formed Galactic Empire. Even more specifically, it tells the stories of Galen Erso, a genius scientist manipulated into helping build the Death Star, and Orson Krennic, the vicious Imperial commander in charge of building the new moon-sized super-weapon.

If you plan to read Catalyst, this article is not for you. It’s a pretty good book, albeit in a “for dedicated Star Wars fans only” kind of way. It’s brisk. It’s fun. It’s full of little details that will please and intrigue the already initiated. But if you’re a more casual fan, the kind of person who wants to know the backstory of various Rogue One characters before you see the movie but don’t want to actually read a Star Wars novel, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about Catalyst.

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Rogue One A Star Wars Story

In many ways, Rogue One is different from all the other Star Wars movies. It’s the first spinoff, centered on a bunch of characters we’ve never heard of before and may never hear about again. It’s the first without an opening crawl and the first without a John Williams score. It’s described as a “darker” affair, more akin to a war drama than a lively space adventure.

But one way Rogue One is like every other Star Wars movie before it? It’s expected to make tons and tons of money. Early Rogue One box office tracking suggests it’ll open to about $130 million domestically, which would make it the second-highest December debut of all time — behind The Force Awakens, of course.  Read More »

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Star Wars kylo ren

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm from George Lucas, they announced they would be making three new Star Wars films continuing the Skywalker saga, as well as revealed plans to develop stand-alone anthology movies set outside of this overarching story. As we near the first “Star Wars Story” Rogue One, it occurs to us that Colin Trevorrow‘s Star Wars Episode IX isn’t that far off in the distance (currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 24th, 2019). Will that be the finale in the Skywalker movies? Will the Star Wars saga continue after Episode 9? Find out what Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy says, after the jump.

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