With Men in Black 3 screening this week for early press, and the film opening on May 25, there are a few items related to the movie showing up now. So after the break, we’ve got two MIB clips, a bunch of great photos of the alien designs created by Rick Baker, and a pretty amusing reference that shows up in the film. Plus, just because we’re on the sci-fi angle, there’s a bit of incidental detail about the now-shooting Star Trek sequel. Read More »


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Don’t get your hopes up too high just yet, but depending on how things go with Star Trek 2 it may just be possible for Bryan Singer and Bryan Fuller to try and bring Trek back to television at some point. Also after the jump:

  • Bryan Fuller has a seven-season plan for Hannibal
  • James Patterson’s Private series heads to television
  • Netflix’s Lilyhammer gets renewed for Season 2
  • HBO cancels The Life and Times of Tim after three seasons
  • NBC picks up a half-hour sitcom from Matthew Perry

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Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be as young as he once was, but James Cameron’s convinced that his Terminator character has plenty of life left in him yet. Also after the jump:

  • Grown-Ups 2 will shoot in Marblehead, MA
  • Brad Bird probably won’t direct Mission: Impossible 5
  • Cloverfield 2 is still searching for a new idea
  • The Star Trek video game unveils a new teaser

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While we’ve heard plenty of rumors about what may or may not be in J.J. Abrams Star Trek 2, we haven’t seen much of the production at all. Happily, we finally have our first looks from the set today.

Earlier this week, star Simon Pegg uploaded the first video from the set in the form of a birthday message to comics publisher 2000 A.D. And while that video doesn’t reveal too much, a couple of images revealed today do. Hit the jump to check them out, though I should warn you — while Pegg’s video is spoiler-free, the two images that follow contain possible spoilers. So if you’d rather not know anything, be careful not to scroll past Pegg’s message.

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The sequel news keeps coming, and this is almost a specialty update on a couple of upcoming ‘next chapters.’ Below it’s all Muppets and Star Trek as we run down the possibility of sequels to The Muppets and The Dark Crystal, and look at the licensing plans Paramount has for the now-shooting sequel to Star Trek. Read More »

Screenwriter Roberto Orci seems to be going through his cell phone and tweeting a bunch of older photos from the set of 2009′s Star Trek. He’s posted several never before seen looks behing the scenes of the blockbuster just as the new one is currently filming. Orci, of course, co-wrote not only Star Trek with his partner Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof, they co-wrote the sequel as well as Transformers, Mission: Impossible III, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and more. Check out the photos after the jump. Read More »

Well, it’s about time. Two and a half years after the release of J.J. AbramsStar Trek, cameras are finally rolling on Star Trek 2, which is due out May 17, 2013. Returning cast and crew members reconvened and welcomed new stars last week as principal photography began in Los Angeles, kicking off several months of shooting in various locations around the county. After the jump:

  • Minor details on shooting locations are revealed
  • Roberto Orci hints at an upgrade to the engineering room
  • Damon Lindelof and Bruce Greenwood get really excited about Star Trek 2
  • Is Benedict Cumberbatch really playing a villain?

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If seeing a report that Benedict Cumberbatch has been added to the cast of a film isn’t exciting, you probably haven’t been watching the BBC series Sherlock, in which he plays an absolutely wonderful version of Sherlock Holmes. (Cumberbatch also had notable roles recently in War Horse, as the British officer with whom Tom Hiddleston’s character had a friendly rivalry, and in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, where he played a character who provided some aid to Gary Oldman’s lead.)

The good news here is that Cumberbatch has been added to the cast of J.J. AbramsStar Trek sequel.

Update: And he’s the main villain! Read More »

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