Last month, IESB reported a rumor claiming that Spider-Man 4 had been put on hold due to disputes over an incomplete script. According to the report, director Sam Raimi was at odds with the studio over who the big villain of the fourth film should be (Raimi is fighting for Vulture), and that several department heads working on the production, internally referred to as SPIDER-M4N, has been notified that the film had been put on “an indefinite hold.” Sony was quick to issue a statement denying the report, and MTV‘s sources claimed that a break/hiatus for the Holidays was always planned, and the production would resume “early next year”.

Nikki Finke, who is always on top of the Mrvel news stories and obviously has some high up sources within the company, has confirmation that production was indeed shut down on the film, despite Sony’s denial to the contrary.

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Take this one with a big grain of salt for right now. (Really, just lean towards disbelief.) There’s a report, based on anonymous sources, that Spider-Man 4 — or Spider-M4n, as the studio is reportedly referring to the sequel — is in trouble. Villain indecision is supposedly leading to an unfinished script and an unhappy Sam Raimi. There’s precedent enough to lend vague creedence to this, but it could also be just another part of the development process, or total bullshit. Read on… Read More »