David Gordon Green’s Snow Angels Movie Trailer

Snow Angels

The movie trailer for filmmaker David Gordon Green‘s (George Washington, All The Real Girls) adaptation of the Stewart O’Nan novel Snow Angels is now online.

Snow Angels is one of those movies you either love or you hate. I saw the film last January at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, and really took to it. In the days that followed, while riding the shuttle buses that transport the festival-goers around Park City, I had conversations with a lot of different people about this movie. And it was fun to hear such a varied reaction. The new trailer hints at the dark nature at the film which some moviegoers may have found “depressing.” Oddly enough, Green is the guy who directed the upcoming Apatow-produced comedy Pineapple Express., which is a 180 from his typical indie dramas.

Watch the movie trailer after the jump.
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Snow Angels

I attended the world premiere of David Gordon Green’s Snow Angels at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. While some people hated this film adaptation (probably mostly due to the not so fairy-tale ending), I thought it was brilliant (you can read my review here). And since the festival, I’ve wondered and wondered and wondered some more about when the film would actually get a release.

Finally, a birdie on my window has just told me that the film will hit theaters on March 7, 2008 in one or two cities and expand from there based on response.

Sundance: Snow Angels Movie Review

Snow Angels

I didn’t want to see Snow Angels at first. I was outside the first screening when a busload of people decided to walk out. “Terrible, Depressing” they said. But then in the days that followed I ran into a lot of people on the shuttles and at the theaters that were raving about the flick. But I still refused to believe it was good. I mean, how could a busload of people walk out and it be a great movie? Than one of my Sundance friends expressed the same opinion. And so far I’ve pretty much agreed with her on every movie thus far. But the only screening of Snow Angles that remained was during Grace is Gone, which is probably the biggest hyped film at the fest at this point in. So I had to see that instead.

I got up early, ran to the Library to get in through the wait list. Got my ticket, went inside and sat down. The theater wasn’t full. Sure, it was an early morning screening but this was Grace is Gone. So I had a conversation with the moviegoer next to me about how I expected this to be a full show because of all the hype. He agreed. And than the theater manager got up and introduced the director… David Gordon Green. And that’s when it hit me, Green didn’t direct Grace is Gone. And like fate I became imprisoned in a screening of Snow Angles. A movie I had no interest in seeing. A movie which had walk-outs and very mixed reviews. A movie which I loved.
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Sundance Party 2006

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