You can’t always count on your favorite shows to stay on the air as long as you’d like, but these days you can count on them to spark movie sequel rumors on their way out. Following the footsteps of Party Down, Veronica Mars, Entourage, 24 and what feels like every other show we can think of, FX’s cancelled Terriers is eyeing a comeback in the form of a TV movie.

The Ted Griffin-created drama starred Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James as a pair of scruffy unlicensed PIs. A hit with critics but a flop with viewers, Terriers was axed in December 2010 after just one thirteen-episode season.

Of course, one big roadblock to reviving a cancelled series is convincing investors that a low-rated premise will actually draw an audience this time around. So series exec producer Shawn Ryan is considering turning to fans themselves to help fund the project, via Kickstarter. Read more after the jump.

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The film series that helped launch Eddie Murphy to superstardom is likely coming to TV and Murphy will be a big part of it. He and Shawn Ryan, the creator of the hit TV show The Shield, are currently pitching a rebooted version of Beverly Hills Cop to television stations.

Murphy hinted at this last year when he described the show as the story of Axel Foley’s son with Foley himself as the chief of police. Initial reports suggest that Murphy will indeed be reprising his role (on a limited basis) as the wise-cracking, letter jacket-wearing Detroit cop solving crimes in the whole new world of Beverly Hills, CA. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Ever since I started working on the /Filmcast, there have been two people I’ve always wanted to get onto the show that I haven’t been able to. Today, I cross one of those two names off my list (As for the other one, hopefully one day I can still get Heather Havrilesky to notice me…).

Shawn Ryan is one of the most exciting people working in the entertainment industry today. With an ear for crackling dialogue and a penchant for labyrinthine, satisfying plots, Ryan re-invigorates any genre he touches. He created the hit FX show The Shield, and was the showrunner on Lie To Me, Terriers, and The Unit. His newest show, The Chicago Code, airs on Fox on Monday nights and it’s one of my favorite new shows of 2011. In addition to watching it on TV, you can also see The Chicago Code on Hulu, Amazon, or iTunes. It’s well-worth your time to catch up now!

After the jump, read a full transcript (edited for clarity) of my 40-minute conversation with Shawn Ryan. It’s rare, in-depth look into what it’s like to create and manage a big-budget broadcast TV show and I’d urge you to give it a look. You can also download the audio from the interview through the /Filmcast.

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FX Cancels ‘Terriers’

FX has officially canceled the best show on television that you weren’t watching, after only one season. Terriers had strong critical acclaim and a cult following, but mainstream audiences never found it due to a variety of reasons: a horrible title, bad marketing, and a plot which wasn’t excitingly explainable in one quick sentence. The series, created by Ted Griffin and exec produced by Griffin, Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear, starring Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James as a former cop and reformed-criminal who team up to practice Private Investigation.

I’m very sad to learn this news as I was a big fan and supporter of the series. I still strongly recommend that everyone and anyone check out the series on iTunes or whenever the DVDs are released. The first season presents a strong narrative arc worthy of viewing despite the show’s early cancelation.

via: Variety

Tom Clancy has found great success expanding his various novels into the video game medium, as developers continue to churn out seemingly endless entries into the Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon series (among others), but when it comes to film, Jack Ryan has cornered the market. Out of the four films that have been adapted from Clancy’s novels, all have featured Ryan, who is easily the author’s most famous and widely recognized character. Now a fifth is in the works, and it’s starring Chris Pine as — what a surprise — Jack Ryan.

But wait, what’s this? For the first time ever, the work of Tom Clancy is actually heading to theaters sans Ryan, with an adaptation of his novel Without Remorse. Though Ryan isn’t featured in the book, the story does take place in the “Ryanverse”. In fact, the book’s central protagonist, former Navy SEAL and CIA operative John Kelly (aka John Clark), has been portrayed twice before in the Jack Ryan films, first by Willem Dafoe in Clear and Present Danger and later by Liev Schreiber in The Sum of All Fears.

Writing the adaptation is The Shield creator Shawn Ryan, who until now has primarily worked in TV, most recently serving as a writer and executive producer on FX’s Terriers.
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