Real Steel 2, Resident Evil: Retribution, and Riddick are in completely different stages of development at this point, but they all have one thing in common: Everyone wants to return for them. (Well, that and the fact that they all start with the letter R.) After the jump, read about the following:

  • Shawn Levy and Hugh Jackman are confirmed for Real Steel 2 — a week and a half before Real Steel 1 has even hit theaters.
  • Michelle Rodriguez becomes the latest former Resident Evil star to board the upcoming fifth installment.
  • Karl Urban agrees to reprise his role for the long-gestating Riddick.

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In recent months, Hollywood has been working to re-animate the Frankenstein legend with a bevy of remakes, reboots and reimaginings that are in various stages of development. The one that’s furthest along is Fox’s Frankenstein, which just landed Real Steel and Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy and is based on a script by Max Landis, son of legendary director John Landis. It’s previously been described as a revisionist story that presents “a sci-fi take on the traditional Mary Shelley story, focusing on themes of friendship and redemption.”

Landis recently spoke to Shock Till You Drop about the film and not only revealed a few precious details, told a great story of how he became interested in the mythology in the first place. You’re sure to learn something about Frankenstein, both this movie and the legend, after the jump. Read More »

The release date for Real Steel is still a few weeks away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about a sequel, right? Director Shawn Levy has revealed a few ideas he’s playing with for the potential follow-up, which John Gatins, who scripted the first film, has already been tapped to write.

Set in a future where human boxing has been rendered obsolete by the advent of robot boxing, the first Real Steel follows fighter-turned-promoter Charlie (Hugh Jackman) as he builds and trains a droid for a championship match that may just be Charlie’s last chance to prove himself. So, where do we go from there? Read Levy’s (non-spoiler-y) thoughts on a possible sequel after the jump.

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On July 4th 2010, I sat in a former Model T Ford factory in Detroit. The huge building was transformed into a futuristic make-shift boxing arena — The Crash Palace (seen above), filled with hundreds of punk-styled boxing fans, covering the floors to the rafters. I sat in front of a huge monitor off to the side, observing what was being filmed in the boxing ring in front of me.

As Shawn Levy filmed his movie that is set in the future, I realized that the future was happening right in front of me. I visit a lot of movie sets, and while each is very different, the production is usually very similar. This is one of the few times I knew I was watching something new as I sat on set. On the monitor, one robot was slugging it out with another mechanical fighter. What’s remarkable about this situation is that the ring was completely empty.

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Last week, rumors circled that Real Steel director Shawn Levy was thinking of leaving the 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage and looking to jump ship to another Fox project: Frankenstein. Variety is now reporting that, a few minor details aside, that’s become a reality. The film is written by Max Landis and is reportedly a revisionist story that presents “a sci-fi take on the traditional Mary Shelley story, focusing on themes of friendship and redemption.” Levy’s involvement puts this film in the pole position to come out before a half-dozen similar films currently in development. Read More »

Briefly: We recently heard rumors that the remake of Romancing the Stone that was announced some time ago is still kicking, possibly with Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl in the Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner roles. I wouldn’t bet too much on seeing that version, however. Instead, think about putting your money on a version from NBC, as the network has bought into a TV adaptation of the film that Shawn Levy may direct. Mark Friedman (The Forgotten) is writing.

Deadline says this version “will follow a successful but unfulfilled woman who teams with a risk-taking adventurer to take on weekly missions while on a larger quest to find her missing brother.” There’s no casting at this point, and this could die off just as easily as it could take off. But still, for some reason I expect this one to go farther than the film remake. Both are equally silly, but I can see NBC thinking it might be a good idea to milk a couple seasons out of this idea.

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I guess that Will Smith meeting didn’t go too well. After news broke that Shawn Levy might leave Fox’s 3D reboot of Fantastic Voyage based on a meeting with the actor, now word has it he’s thinking about staying at Fox but jumping ship over to their Frankenstein project written by Max Landis. Read more after the break. Read More »

I know I’m in the minority when I go on and on and about how excited I am for Real Steel. Most of you see Shawn Levy‘s name, some robots fighting in the ring and think “Rock Em, Sock Em Robots” the movie. And come October 7, maybe you’ll be right. But I see Transformers meets Rocky. The Terminator meets The Champ. C-3PO vs. R2-D2. I see the potential of a sci-fi action movie coupled with the predictable, yet effective, heart of a underdog sports movie. This latest featurette, called “Main Event,” gives us a good sense of that and also shows how Levy captured the motion of the robots fighting using real life boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. Check out the clip, featuring stars Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Anthony Mackie, after the jump. Read More »

After going through several potential directors, it didn’t seem like development on the James Cameron-produced, 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage could get any more complicated. It has. According to The Hollywood Reporter, currently attached director Shawn Levy (Real Steel, Night at the Museum) is considering leaving the project if he can’t land a major star. Unfortunately, Fox would rather not pay for a major star. The exception to that might be Will Smith, who will soon meet with Levy about the project. Sources tell THR that Fox would most likely pony up for Smith but, if that doesn’t happen, Levy could walk. Read more after the jump. Read More »

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