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While doing press for next month’s shock-and-awesome Jody Hill comedy, Observe & Report, Seth Rogen put up a new quote regarding his superhero caper, The Green Hornet. He told Collider that filming is set for late June, and vaguely elaborated on director Michel Gondry‘s vision for the 2010 could-be blockbuster…

“Me and Evan [Goldberg] have actually approached him with ideas like maybe we could do something like this…you could do some of your weird people made out of string and shit like that. He’s like, ‘No, I don’t want to any of that. The fact that you think I want to do that drives me crazy and makes me never want to do anything like that again.’”

Seth Rogen’s 4th grade grammar teacher sighs (also: is jealous). I still find the dumbfounded early reaction to Gondry’s involvement more surprising than the news itself, not that Rogen doesn’t play into it. There’s a dapper, Chinatown-lite sensibility to the character proper that can be gleamed in Gondry’s more bolstered video work, like Beck’s “Deadweight” for example. Per the plot, Rogen added that he is now “embracing” the tenets of an origins story, which is not a bad idea considering that, unlike Batman, the general public is unawares.


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Early Twitter Buzz: Observe and Report

observe and report

The new Seth Rogen R-rated mallcop comedy Observe and Report premiered at SXSW earlier tonight. The reviews will be pouring in from Austin, after the party’s come to an end later tonight (and we’ll give a roundup tomorrow), but for now lets check in with the 140-character buzz on Twitter. Seems like a lot of people thought it was hilarious, insanely quotable and somewhat shocking/awkward, but a couple people didn’t think it was that funny, and even one supposed Seth Rogen fan s tweeted about walking out. Lets go to the tweets:

Dshanya_artistic_web_normallola0813: OBSERVE & REPORT report: Fucking awesome. Incredibly funny & smart.

Dentler_normalMattDentler: Observe And Report may be the craziest studio movie of the year

N1548060227_30137477_4538_normalthekeller: OBSERVE AND REPORT…. the hardest i have laughed since superbad. one of the funniest movies ever

Img00676_normaljennyjacob: Observe and Report” – not so funny. Left early and I’m a Seth Rogen fan.

Jtile_normaljamesrocchi: Observe and Report: Travis Bickle, Mall Cop. Funny, scary, don’t quite know if you should root for Rogen.\

Twitter-avatar_normalrejects: Alright fine. Observe and Report was dark. Not too dark, but dark. It was also very smart and very, very funny.

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Here’s a mildly disorienting development – apparently, James Wan almost got the Green Hornet gig. The Saw director momentarily posted an update on his Facebook profile which was caught by the Eagle Eyes of Larry Carroll MTV’s Splash Page. It read: Damn you Michel Gondry *shaking fists* Oh well the better man won.

That’s right, he did. But it also seems that Wan is likely to work with Rogen in future. The writer-star said:

Well, we were just given the mandate to bring the studio directors we were fans of, and the discussion would begin from there. So yeah we definitely talked to him. I would definitely love to do something else.

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David Chen is one lucky /Filmer because he got to post last night’s piece on Michel Gondry directing the Green Hornet movie. Actually, you’re lucky I didn’t do it myself because it would have been so excitable and squealing I’d have had to design a new font especially, and possibly even colored all of the text in neon primaries.

Seth Rogen has spoken to MTV about his longstanding desire to have Gondry direct the picture, and what Gondry did to wow the studio into submission.

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Judd Apatow’s Pineapple Express Oscar Short Film

pineapple express oscars
I’ve done a bit of personal polling, and it seems like most everyone agrees that Judd Apatow‘s Tribute to the comedy films of 2008 short film was the best moment of the 2009 Academy Awards. For those who didn’t catch it, Seth Rogen and James Franco reprise their roles from Pineapple Express — two stoners sitting on a couch, watching all the great and not so great comedy films of the last year. If you missed it, watch it embedded after the jump.
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Judd Apatow’s Funny People Movie Trailer

Funny People
Universal has released the first trailer for Judd Apatow‘s upcoming dramedy Funny People on Moviefone. The movie stars Adam Sandler as a famous comedian who has a near-death experience and hires/befriends and an unknown comedian/joke-writer played by Seth Rogen. You can read our previous review of the script here. The trailer gives away a lot more of the story than I thought it would, and looks very glossy for a Apatow flick. Watch the trailer (and check out new photos) after the jump. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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Observe and Report Red Band Movie Trailer

Warner Bros has released a red band movie trailer for the upcoming Seth Rogen comedy Observe and Report on the film’s official website. Jody Hill‘s follow-up to the cult comedy The Foot Fist Way, which will premiere at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin Texas in March.  I have yet to see The Foot Fist Way but I’ve heard nothing but great things.  Observe and Report seems like not your typical Seth Rogen comedy, more character based. As Rogen declares that “The World Needs a Fucking Hero” I can’t help but think this is the Anti-Paul Blart film. Watch the trailer embedded after the jump.
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The Green Hornet. Well, well, well. What a bumpy ride this one’s been getting in the press and on blogs.

First of all there was a loud shout of skepticism about the casting of Seth Rogen, then euphoria at the signing of Stephen Chow, then Chow puled out of directing and rumours abound that he’s bailing entirely, then the film is reported to be on the chopping block… and now, well, some pretty compelling evidence that it isn’t. Not at all.

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