Kato Casting Call Kicks Chow To The Curb?


It would appear from a freshly surfaced casting call that the role of Kato in Michel Gondry‘s Green Hornet movie is currently vacant. After it was announced that Seth Rogen was to write, produce and star in a Hornet flick a heady cocktail of skepticism and intrigue flooded the web. Then, it was announced that Stephen Chow was going to both direct and co-star in the picture and the general level of enthusiasm went through the roof. After that, a nosedive as Chow left the director’s seat and while it seemed likely he’d also pass up on the acting position, nothing was made official and Rogen even intimated that Chow was just as likely to be his Kato as ever. This remained the case even after Gondry was announced as director.

That all changes now, however.

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Pegg and Frost Video Blog Real Details of Paul


We’ve told you what the movie Paul is about. That’s the road trip movie written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, currently being directed by Adventureland‘s Greg Mottola and starring a whole bunch of awesome people. But it’s much more fun to let Pegg and Frost tell you what it’s about, especially with the slightly smarmy haircut and goatee Pegg is now sporting. Their latest video blog from the production diary What is Paul? goes into all the dirty details, or at least some of them. Watch it after the break. Read More »


This past April saw the release of writer/director Jody Hill‘s first official Hollywood feature entitled Observe & Report. The film is an uncompromised portrait of a young mall-cop riding the peaks and valleys of bi-polar disorder like a vigilante daydream set to Queen‘s Flash Gordon theme. In the lead, Seth Rogen gave his most memorable and invested performance since a scathing-eyes debut on Freaks and Geeks.

On top of that, Observe‘s production design was deliberately unglamorous; its depictions of a troubled, goofy main character and firearms bordered, at times, on misanthropic endorsement. Hill’s script and direction managed to flesh out an endlessly talented supporting cast (Anna Faris, Aziz Ansari, Patton Oswalt, Ben Best, Danny McBride, Ray Liotta, Michael Peña, Collette Wolfe) in a decidedly untypical comedy. Many critics and viewers didn’t know what to make of it. Far too many critics said, “I liked it, but it’s not for everyone.” Movies as Joe Viewer trough? Moreover, gallons of digital ink were wasted on a bullshit, hit-fueled “rape controversy,” in yet another growing-pain display of male movie writers as over-sensitive guardians of today’s PC-gates.

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Some small superhero news today. First up is a weird bit of casting. According to EW, Cameron Diaz has been offered the female lead role in WB’s Green Hornet, where she’d be opposite Seth Rogen, working for director Michel Gondry. That’s a weird offer…maybe a couple years after The Mask it would have made sense, or even around the Charlie’s Angels era. But Diaz has fallen into the romcom zone, and it’s more difficult to see it working now. Nothing against Diaz; it just seems like a weird fit. But then, we know very very little about this film. Maybe Rogen, co-writer Evan Goldberg and Gondry have come up with something no one expects, where she makes more sense.

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Sigourney Weaver Joins Greg Mottola’s Paul?

paul casting

Just when I thought the cast of the sci-fi buddy comedy Paul couldn’t get any better, word comes along from SDNN (via The Playlist) that the first lady of sci-fi has joined the cast of Superbad/Adventureland director Greg Mottola‘s next film. That’s right…. Sigourney Weaver, who played Ripley in the Alien films, Dana Barrett in the Ghostbusters series, Gwen DeMarco in the underrated Galaxy Quest and the ship’s computer in WALL-E. Weaver will join Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman, and Kristen Wiig.

Scripted by Pegg and Frost (the duo from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), the story follows two British nerds, fresh off a trip to Comic Con, who decide to go on a road trip to Area 51. They meet an alien named Paul, voiced by Rogen, who asks them to help him escape from the U.S. Government. On the run from a government agent named Lorenzo Zoil (Jason Bateman), the trio accidentally kidnap a young Christian girl (Kristen Wiig) and pay a visit to an old “crackpot” woman (possibly Weaver?) who not only claims to have witnessed Paul’s crash landing, but even pulled him out of the ship.

paul casting

Superbad/Adventureland director Greg Mottola‘s next film is shaping up to be the funniest geek comedy ever filmed. But before I get into the new casting, let me tell you a little about the movie.

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Funny People

Yesterday we ran the first television spot from Judd Apatow‘s new movie Funny People. As it turns out, television spots usually come in threes (much like everything else in the world). So we’ve returned with two more. The great thing about these advertisements is that they aren’t just “same thing, different edit” but instead feature a bunch of new footage not shown in the trailer.

Also, both of the spots are 1 minute in length and feature footage from Adam Sandler‘s character George Simmons’ crappy movie within the movie Redux, which has been described as a “cross between Little Man and 17 Again, except Sandler becomes a six month old baby.” The first spot also features Seth Rogen‘s character Ira Wright telling video game jokes to RZA. Watch the new tv spots after the jump.

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Funny People

Judd Apatow‘s new movie Funny People hits theaters on July 31st, and Universal Pictures has begun airing television spots for the film. There is a lot of new footage to be seen, giving us a good taste of the comedy/drama tightrope act Apatow is attempting to walk with this film. I like how they even made a joke about Rogen’s recent weight loss, and it’s also worth noting some of the clever t-shirts worn throughout.

I’m very excited to see this film. I’ve heard very good things from people who have seen test screenings. The only minor quibble some people have had is the film’s run time, which in some screenings stretched over 2 and a half hours. I’ve heard that the final cut is tighter, more closer to the 2 hour and 15 minute mark. Watch the new television spot after the jump.

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