‘The Green Hornet’ Carl’s Jr. Commercials

If you live anywhere near a Carl’s Jr. fast food location, chances are you’ve been bombarded with their latest ad campaign featuring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou from The Green Hornet. It’s on almost every second and it’s convincing enough that, for a moment, you think you’re watching a scene from the Michel Gondry movie. Right up until The Green Hornet asks Kato to split some chicken tenders, of course.

So, for any one who might have missed these commercials (which is probably a lot of you since there aren’t any Carl’s Jr. locations East of Texas), you really should check them out. The early word on The Green Hornet is that it’s a fun action comedy and, judging from these spots, it seems like the stars are enjoying themselves. Check out the 30 second spot and extended 60 second spot after the jump and also see why Carl’s Jr. has the best ads ever. Read More »

How much would you pay to see Elijah Wood, Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Jack Black all in one movie? If you said anything under the cost of a trip to Utah, you’re out of luck. They make up the cast of one of the most highly anticipated shorts playing at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. It’s called Fight For Your Right Revisited and it’s written and directed by Adam Yauch, aka MCA of the legendary Beastie Boys. He’s assembled quite the cast to tell the story of what happens after the epic party in their classic 1987 music video for ‘(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)’.

We told you about it on Monday and now we’ve got your first look at three of the stars – Rogen, Wood and McBride – as The Beastie Boys: Mike D, Ad-Rock, and MCA. Read more about the short after the jump. Read More »

The 2011 Sundance Film Festival is shaping up quite nicely. The films in competition, and out of competition, have already been announced and each has some incredibly exciting entries. Monday brought the announcement of the 81 short films, chosen out of 6,467 entries, that will play in Park City, Utah this January. And while the majority of them are by currently unknown filmmakers, there are a few that jump out featuring names like Elijah Wood, Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Jack Black. Actually, those guys are all in the same short. Other notables include Neil LaBute, Tim & Eric and Isabella Rossellini. After the jump, we’ll highlight those films and show you the full list. Read More »

Movie Trailer #2: ‘The Green Hornet’

Kato Vision is on full display in the brand new, full theatrical trailer for The Green Hornet, directed by Michel Gondry and starring Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz and Michael Pena. It shows way more action and comedy than the first trailer, which I already thought looked pretty decent, but gets dangerously close to revealing too much. What trailer doesn’t these days, though? My fingers are crossed that this one lives up to its potential. Check out the brand new trailer for the film, which is scheduled for release January 14, after the break. Read More »


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International Movie Trailer: ‘The Green Hornet’

It’s been a rough road for The Green Hornet — change-ups behind the scenes elevated and then deflated some early interest as Stephen Chow came and went. But hiring Michel Gondry to apply his particular brand of quirky, unpredictable storytelling to a pulp superhero movie seemed like a good move. And while there are some who have trouble accepting Seth Rogen as the title character, casting Jay Chou as his sidekick/enabler Kato seems to have been a good move.

Now there’s a new international trailer for the film that really highlights Kato, and you can see it below. Read More »

The slightly sci-fi comedy Neighborhood Watch has been kicking around Fox for a couple of years. Once a Will Ferrell project, it was rumored as a possible Zombieland follow-up for Ruben Fleischer. But Peter Segal is now attached to direct, and Superbad co-writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been hired to rewrite. Read More »

We’ve seen a teaser trailer and a couple photos from Paul, directed by Greg Mottola from a script by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. Turns out there’s been a poster floating around as well. A shot of the one-sheet (in banner form) was taken at an expo in London, and you can see the full image below. Read More »

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, best known for their on-screen team-ups in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, co-wrote and co-star in the upcoming comedy Paul, which is scheduled for release on March 18. The pair play two British geeks who travel to America to take a road trip of famous UFO landmarks, which begins with a pain-staking re-creation of San Diego Comic-Con, and end up meeting a real life alien named Paul, voiced by Seth Rogen. Directed by Greg Mottola, Paul also stars Kristen Wiig, Jason Bateman, Bill Hader, Sigourney Weaver and Jane Lynch and is one of our most highly anticipated films of early 2011. A trailer was released last month and several photos from the film have made their way online but two brand new ones were just released. Check them out, as well as some early buzz on the film, after the jump. Read More »

Video Clips: Kevin Smith’s Too Fat For 40

Kevin Smith's Too Fat for 40

Love him or hate him as a filmmaker, Kevin Smith is a funny personality who knows how to tell a story. He has a successful podcast called Smodcast, which is broadcast on Satellite radio and has spawned a daily podcast network. He is notorious for his hilariously honest question and answer sessions, which have been released in three DVD volumes over the years. I sometimes throw these specials on and have them running in the background as I work on the computer. I’ve heard some of the stories ten or twelve times, and still laugh every time. The writer/director/actor’s latest special “Too Fat For 40” will be broadcast on the EPIX Network on October 23rd 2010.

“Poking fun at his much-publicized brouhaha with Southwest Airlines, writer, director, actor and ardent podcaster Kevin Smith declares himself too fat for his 40th birthday in a hilarious Q-and-A session with his rabidly loyal fans. Filmed at the Count Basie Theater in Smith’s hometown of Red Bank, New Jersey, this two-hour comedy special spotlights not only Smith’s self-deprecating sense of humor, but also his fondness (and true gift) for spinning a good yarn.”

Epix has provided us with three clips from the upcoming special, which include stories about smoking weed with Seth Rogen, his Southwest Airlines experience, and watching Bruce Willis Take Out the “Chuffa”. Hit the jump to watch the clips.

Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Greg Mottola's Paul

Universal Pictures has released the first teaser trailer for Superbad/Adventureland director Greg Mottola‘s sci-fi adventure comedy Paul which stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (and an alien voiced by Seth Rogen). We got a chance to see some early footage from the film at Comic-Con, and most everyone agreed that it wasn’t what they were expecting (which isn’t entirely a bad thing). We’re so use to seeing Pegg/Frost in these smart clever British comedies, and this film seems a bit more wacky/broad. And I’m still not sure I like the alien design — It looks like a cartoony computer animated creation inserted into the scene and not a real life alien creature on earth. That said, I’m a huge fan of Mottola’s previous films, the cast is pretty stacked, and the geek-focused plot seems up my alley. I’m still excited to see more.

Watch the teaser trailer for yourself after the jump. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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