If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing your favorite, obscure little movie made into art, odds are Scott Campbell has done it. For several years now, on an almost daily basis, Campbell creates a Great Showdown. The concept is simple. Pick a movie, pick two opposing forces in that movie, and paint it on a small, five inch high canvas. Here on /Film, we’ve been posting them for a while, so you’re likely familiar with Campbell’s style. If not, you can see it in the not-so-obscure Avengers Showdown above.

What began as a small part of larger shows continued to grow until, in 2011, Campbell was able to create a full Showdowns show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. It was a sight to behold. Two walls filled with hundreds of clever, funny, exciting, surprising, insert-adjective-here Showdowns for what seemed to be every single movie imaginable. Since then, Campbell has continued to make Showdowns, has a book coming out, and is about to unveil his second Great Showdowns show, on display September 21 through October 13.

Almost 250 brand new Showdowns from 18 plus months will be at the show and, after the jump, you can check out my twenty favorites, find out how you can visit the show from anywhere in the world and more. Read More »


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Mondo isn’t the only pop culture art authority teaming up with Marvel and Disney to celebrate the release of The Avengers, Gallery 1988 is assembling right along side them. They’re going to have a very special, officially licensed, Avengers themed art show in Los Angeles over the film’s opening weekend, May 3-6, at a brand new location. Comprised mostly of original art, there will be a handful of very limited screenprints and some even more limited digital prints too from an artist lineup that includes Rhys Cooper (above), Dave Perillo, DKNG, Scott Campbell, Luke Chueh, Fernando Reza and others.

We’re proud to debut the first images of art from the show as well as feature billboards and murals created by local street artists to help promote it. Check it all out below. Read More »

Gallery 1988 have made a few more Crazy4Cult prints available for purchase. In addition to Dan May’s Edward Scissorhands-Inspired Art Print “Portrait of a Gentle Man” that we posted about last week, the Los Angeles based gallery have made a few more prints available. Details and photos after the jump.
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Gallery 1988 is selling limited edition prints of Scott Campbell‘s “Friends with E.T.” art that was created for the Crazy4Cult show. Each giclee print is on 10 x 8 inch textured fine art paper, limited edition of 100, signed and numbered for $50.00 each. To make a purchase call the San Francisco gallery at 415 409-1376. More photos after the jump.

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Gallery 1988 has released another poster for the second annual pop-culture art show Crazy4Cult. This one is by Scott Campbell, who you might remember from the One To Grow On show (we featured his crazy E.T. themed art on Cool Stuff). He’s also the guy responsible for that cool arcade drawing in The King of Kong DVD. And people from the video game world might know him from the awesome cut and fold arcade cabinet flyers he created for the latest I am 8bit show.

Scott’s Crazy4Cult 2 poster has tons of geekarific movie characters hanging out in a tree. You can see E.T. and his bike hanging out with Pee-Wee Herman and his bike, or an Alien hanging out with the guy from Tron, or Freddy Krugar hanging out with Edward Scissorhands.

There are a lot of references packed into the poster. How many can you spot?

You can purchase a print of the poster for $20 at Crazy4Cult 2′s opening night reception on August 22nd from 7-11pm, or by phone/email the next day. The original art will actually be on sale at the event, along with many other cool pieces. Head on over to nineteeneightyeight.com for more info.

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