If you didn’t see Monsters or In Search of a Midnight Kiss (or aren’t a dedicated fan of Bones) your first thought here might be ‘who the hell is Scoot McNairy?’ The male lead from Gareth Edwards’ low-budgets sleeper Monsters has got great people working on his side, because despite not having the most head-turning performance in that film he has become a hot commodity after years of playing sideline roles.

The first evidence of that status is grabbing a big role in Andrew Dominik‘s Cogan’s Trade. He also has a couple other possible big jobs brewing. And, good news for fans of the film Animal Kingdom: Ben Mendelsohn is also in Cogan’s Trade. Read More »


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Magnolia Pictures/Magnet have presented us with an exclusive first look at four behind the scenes photos from Gareth Edwards’ low budget monster movie Monsters. Since screening the film at Cannes, we’ve been hyping the movie (read my mini review here). We called it Lost in Translation in a world infested by monsters. Check the photos out now after the jump.

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New Poster: Gareth Edwards’ Monsters


I’m trying not to see too much from Monsters, the film by director Gareth Edwards that has been building buzz at festivals over the last few months. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the movie, and am eager to just see it for myself without having too many images already in my head. But this poster is quite nice, and shouldn’t do anything to skew your knowledge of the movie too far. Read More »

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