SAW 5 in 2008

SAW 5 in 2008

A couple months ago it was revealed that SAW series production designer David Hackl had been hired to direct not one but two SAW sequels, possibly even back-to-back. Rumor had it that Lionsgate wanted to, for the first time in four years, take a year off from the SAW series. But I’m happy to report that is not true.

“If it’s Halloween, it must be Saw!”

Lionsgate is eyeing October 24th 2008 for the release of SAW V. SAW VI has also been marked on the calendar for October 30th, 2009. Let the games begin (again)!

SAW V and SAW VI Being Shot Back-To-Back?

SAW IVIt’s pretty much a given: “If it’s Halloween, It’s SAW.” We’ve previously told you that SAW 5 is ready to go. Production designer-turned-director David Hackl is working closely with Saw IV scribes Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton on the next chapter, with a first draft due by the end of the month. Talk about fast tracking.

And now BloodyDiscusting has heard (read: unconfirmed) that Lionsgate hopes  to shoot SAW V and SAW VI back-to-back, with Hackl and crew signed on to both. It looks to me like Lionsgate wants get two in the can before the potential upcoming strike. Plus it seems to me that shooting back-to-back could help costs considerably. But it is a risk, what if SAW V isn’t as profitable as the previous films in the franchise? It seems like a good bet to take:

  • SAW was made for $1.2 million and mad $103 million worldwide
  • SAW II was made for $4 million and made $147 million worldwide
  • SAW III was made for $10 million and made $164 million worldwide

Sure, P&A and exhibitor costs aren’t accounted for, but neither is home video/DVD sales, which is also likely $150+ million. A $12 million Saw film would probably have to make less than $25 million at the box office to be a loss. And the escalating box office receipts, what is the chances of that happening?