Today at the Walt Disney Studios presentation at the D23 Expo, Disney announced two new movies from Pixar Animation Studios. Both films, yet to be officially titled, will be released in the slots following the announced Monsters Inc prequel Monsters University, which hits theaters on June 21st 2013. We just posted about the first of the projects, which involves dinosaurs — read that here. The second project is directed by Monsters Inc/Up helmer Pete Docter, and is set inside the mind. Read more about it, after the jump.

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I missed this last week, Disney has released one minute of Pixar’s newest short film, Dug’s Special Mission, which will be released with the Up DVD/Blu-ray on November 10th 2009. Directed by Pixar’s Story Supervisor Ronnie del Carmen, this brand new five minute short film is a prequel to Up, following “the good-hearted dog, Dug as he is sent on a series of quests by his mean canine bosses.” Basically the short film shows how Dug ended up where he was found in the Pete Doctor feature film. The one minute clip shows one of the Alpha Pack’s attempts to rid themselves of Dug.
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The Bear and The Bow

Last week, Up director Pete Docter made a slip mentioning a Pixar film titled “Brave” during an interview. Many people speculated that the film is the short which will be attached to Toy Story 3. Brendon guessed that it might be a remake/adaptation of The Brave Little Toaster, a film Disney/Pixar head John Lasseter was originally developing as a computer animated feature film at Disney many years ago.

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