Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Breakdown

Last night brought the debut of the latest trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which featured almost entirely new footage from the forthcoming origin story of everyone’s favorite scoundrel. So far, the footage from the latest one-off story that takes place in a galaxy far, far away hasn’t been overwhelmingly impressive, but it hasn’t been downright terrible either. The latest trailer is more of the same: it looks like a purely entertaining sci-fi western, but there’s the concern that Alden Ehrenreich isn’t being showcased all that much in a movie that’s supposed to be about his character.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

Though Han Solo may have perished at the hands of his son in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that’s not stopping Lucasfilm from bringing the character back to the big screen to tell the story of how the scoundrel came to be one of the most notorious smuggler’s in the galaxy.

A new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer has arrived ahead of the film’s forthcoming debut at the Cannes Film Festival, and it shows off tons of new footage from the origin story that stars Alden Ehrenreich in the role originated by Harrison Ford in Star Wars: A New Hope back in 1977. Does he have what it takes to strap into the Millennium Falcon and make fans believe in this movie? Find out for yourself below. Read More »

Cannes Film Festival Solo Premiere

The Cannes Film Festival likes to act like they’re super high-brow, but they’re not above throwing a bone to a popcorn movie or two. Case in point: this year, Ron Howard‘s Solo: A Star Wars Story will make its debut at the prestigious festival. More on the Cannes Film Festival Solo premiere below.

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new solo characters

Folks, please welcome Therm Scissorpunch into the Star Wars universe.

Denny’s unveiled their calorie-heavy Solo: A Star Wars Story-inspired menu today, and nestled amongst all those bacon and eggs came the reveal of several new Solo characters – including a lobster-like individual named Therm Scissorpunch. Start writing your Therm Scissorpunch fan-fiction now!

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solo reshoots

Solo: A Star Wars Story shook up the Star Wars universe when original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired from the project due to creative differences. The directors were quickly replaced with old school pro Ron Howard. Now, after months of behind-the-scenes rumors and concerns, Solo is just about ready to hit theaters. Ahead of the film’s release, a source inside the production has revealed several new pieces of info about the troubled film.

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Michael K. Williams Solo Character

Michael K. Williams will not be appearing in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Wire actor was unable to commit to the massive reshoots undertaken by Ron Howard, and his part was re-cast with Paul Bettany. Now, Williams is revealing some details about his character. As Williams tells it, his character was ” half mountain lion, half human.”

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Jon Favreau Solo

Update: Jon Favreau and EW have both confirmed that the briefly-seen alien in the Solo trailer is the character Favreau is voicing. You can see an image below.


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Time for more Solo news! As this week chock-full of Solo details comes to a close, it’s time to learn a little about Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s droid character, L3-37.

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Geroge Lucas Solo Set Visit - Willow

Ron Howard has grown up in show business. He began his acting career at a young age as one of the main characters on The Andy Griffith Show and countless appearances on plenty of other classic TV shows. He was able to ride that wave through his teens, 20s and 30s before beginning a career behind the camera as a feature filmmaker. Now, he finds himself trying to save a major blockbuster in one of the biggest franchises in the world, and it just so happens to be based on characters created by the filmmaker who gave him one of his most well-known roles as a big screen actor.

Back in 1972, Ron Howard starred in American Graffiti for director George Lucas, a promising young filmmaker who had just come off his acclaimed sci-fi project THX-1138. He went by Ronny Howard in those days, and he first heard about Star Wars on the set of American Graffiti when it still just an idea popping around George Lucas’ head. Who would have ever thought that 43 years later the two would find themselves on the set of Solo: A Star Wars Story, working together to bring the origin story of one of George Lucas’ most iconic characters to life? Read More »

Solo firing

Solo: A Star Wars Story has had a bumpy rode to the big screen. The film was close to completion under directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Then, Lucasfilm fired the duo and brought in Ron Howard to both finish and reshoot a large portion of the film. A new piece details the process behind the Solo firing of Lord and Miller and the hiring of Howard.

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