Yes, that’s an early Avengers 2 logo. Want to see the logos for the rest of the upcoming Marvel movies as well? Curious about some key scenes in Iron Man 3 including the post-credits tag? Is Marvel releasing a poster for The Amazing Spider-Man midnight IMAX screenings? Will Man of Steel feature a young Clark Kent? Which former rapper said he was approached for Black Panther? What is Deadpool doing in a near 20-minute fan film? How does the Hit Girl comic book series fit in with the Kick Ass movies? And does Andrew Garfield think he’s returning for The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

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The earliest The Hunger Games: Catching Fire rumors revolved around Finnick Odair, but the character that seems to be getting all the attention right now seems to be Johanna Mason. Mia Wasikowska and model/actress Zoe Aggeliki were said to be in the mix for the key role last week, but as of now Wasikowska has apparently dropped out while Jena Malone has been added to the list of candidates. And honestly, I think she may be my favorite pick yet.

Meanwhile, rapper/actor¬†Romeo Miller (f.k.a. Lil’ Romeo) and pro wrestler¬†Kevin Nash have both mentioned that they’re circling roles in the series, although they have not revealed which. Read more about Malone, Miller, and Nash after the jump.

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