New ‘Skyfall’ Image Shows Bond Ready to Kill

Time to tell that poolside image of Daniel Craig as James Bond: sorry, you’ve been disavowed. Early this morning revealed what EON Productions is calling the real first image of Daniel Craig as James Bond in the new film Skyfall, which is being directed right now by Sam Mendes and photographed by Roger Deakins.

That’s a hint of the new shot, above. Check out the full thing below. Read More »


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Dean DeBlois is pulling together the cast for his sequel to How to Train Your Dragon. Most of the original cast has already been locked, including: Jay Baruchel as Hiccup; Craig Ferguson as Belch; America Ferrera as Astrid; Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fishlegs; Jonah Hill as Snotlout; TJ Miller as Ruffnut and Kristen Wiig as Tuffnut. Now Gerard Butler has been confirmed to return as well, and cinematographer Roger Deakins will once more be on board to supervise the lighting work. (Many people don’t realize he had anything to do with the first film, it seems. Great that he’s back.)

The director gave the info to Empire and you can see a video of him talking about the film after the break. Read More »

Here’s something for those who have wanted to see Inception nominated or awarded with more significant honors than the film has been given so far in the awards season. Sure, the top prize from the American Society of Cinematographers is essentially a technical award, but it is the technical award, and taking the prize is no small honor. Tonight Wally Pfister won the ASC Award for feature achievement for his work on Inception. Read More »

Tonight the award ceremony took place in London to honor recipients of the British Academy Film Awards, in a show hosted by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). The BAFTA winners won’t have any particular effect on the Oscar race, but the lineup for winners looks very much like that which has been ratified many times over by various film awards in the US over the past few months, and which is likely to be set in stone by the Oscars.

The basic breakdown is that The King’s Speech was the big winner with seven awards in total, taking the Best Film and Outstanding British Film categories as well as acting nods for Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush. David Fincher won Best Director for The Social Network, and Inception took quite a few technical awards. All the details are after the break. Read More »

Interview: Legendary Cinematographer Roger Deakins

I’ve done a lot of interviews during my time at /Film, but I usually don’t have the opportunity to interview cinematographers. However, when the offer came to chat with Roger Deakins, I jumped at the chance. Deakins has helped to craft some of the most memorable images in the history of cinema. His insanely accomplished filmography includes the likes of The Shawshank Redemption, Revolutionary Road, and A Beautiful Mind, not to mention many of the films of the Coen Brothers. This year, Deakins received an Academy Award nomination for his work in the Coen Brothers True Grit (his 9th nomination, although he hasn’t yet won). He will also be the recipient of the American Society of Cinematographers Lifetime Achievement Award.

Below is an excerpted version of our lengthy conversation. Note that there is a quasi-spoiler for True Grit in the interview.
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The Coen Brothers’ True Grit begins with a long, enigmatic shot of a lit porch at night that slowly fades into view to reveal a dead body. It’s gorgeously done, and it sets the tone for the rest of the film. But True Grit almost had a significantly different opening sequence.

I recently had the chance to chat with long-time Coen Brothers collaborator Roger Deakins, who was the cinematographer for True Grit. While my full interview with him won’t be published until tomorrow, I thought I’d share a tidbit about how the opening shot of True Grit came together. Hit the jump to hear the details. Read More »

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With True Grit standing as the greatest box-office success of Joel and Ethan Coen‘s directorial career, the question now is naturally: what next? While some (read: me) might hope that this success would finally provide a way to finance their adaptation of To the White Sea, it seems like that’s not to be the case.

But there are other movies in the pipeline. One could be a pseudo-16mm documentary, and another could be called a “full-on horror movie.” More details, including the (not quite serious) cast idea for the monster, after the break. Read More »

Nine-time Academy Award nominated cinematographer Roger Deakins (The Coen Brothers films, The Shawshank Redemption, A Beautiful Mind, The Reader, Kundun) has seen the future, and it isn’t 35mm. Deakins has worked on film for 35 years. He is the type of veteran whom you would expect to be a film purist. Last year, for the first time in his long history, Deakins decided to shoot a feature length movie (Andrew Niccol’s science fiction thriller Now) using digital video cameras, and he’s not sure he’ll be going back to celluloid.

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The Cinematography of True Grit

/Film reader Oscar sent me a link to a nice little featurette titled “The Cinematography of True Grit” which focuses on the work of 9-time Oscar nominated cinematographer Roger Deakins. Watch the video embedded after the jump.

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