To movie fans, the WWII sinking of the USS Indianapolis is a familiar tale. Robert Shaw’s gruff, poetic account of the ship’s fate — and of the shark-infested waters into which the crew plunged after torpedoes broke the ship into pieces — is one of the crowning moments in Jaws. It’s one of the enduring film monologues, period. Want to see grown men cry? Play Shaw’s speech a couple times.

There is a newish wrinkle in the story of the Indianapolis, however, as in 1996 a young boy, inspired by Jaws, set out to exonerate Captain Charles McVay, who had been court-martialed for his role in the ship’s sinking. The boy was successful, and five years later the Captain’s record was amended. Now Robert Downey, Jr. and Susan Downey will produce a film with Warner Bros. about the boy’s efforts to clear the name of Captain McVay. Read More »


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Fox to Adapt Ed Brubaker’s Comic Book Incognito


Mike Flemming has learned that 20th Century Fox is developing a big screen adaptation of Ed Brubaker‘s graphic novel Incognito. Fox has hired Robert Schenkkan, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of The Kentucky Cycle, to pen the big screen adaptation.

For those of you who didn’t read the six-issue comic book limited series when it was published last year, it follows a former super villain named Zack Overkill, who is in the Witness Protection Program after giving testimony against his former boss The Black Death. Overkill is required to take a drug that eliminates his super abilities, given a new identity and a job delivering mail in an office.
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