Ever since Call of Duty: World at War featured a bonus zombie-killing level, Activision and current CoD developers Treyarch have milked the fact that gamers seem to love the combination of warfare and zombies. The latest expansion to Call of Duty: Black Ops is titled Escalation, and it features a zombie level named Call of the Dead. A new trailer and press release for the game reveals that Call of the Dead stars, in voice and likeness, Robert Englund, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker and Danny Trejo as well as the godfather of film zombies as we know them: George Romero.

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With Jackie Earl Hailey having officially declawed Robert Englund and become Freddy Krueger for a new and possibly even-more-horrific decade, an extensive documentary on the franchise, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and the series’ tremendous contribution to horror is both relevant and overdue.

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Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot Gets The Greenlight

Andrew Form has confirmed to ShockTillYouDrop that Michael Bay’s genre production company Platinum Dunes’ A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot has been officially greenlit by Warner Bros, and will likely start shooting in Spring 2009 in suburban Chicago.

Cape Fear/Arachnophobia screenwriter Wesley Strick penned the script, which producer Bradley Fuller says that it will be a complete reboot taking inspiration from the entire original series, much like the new Friday the 13th film. Freddy Krueger will be recast, but Robert Englund will likely have a cameo. Fuller’s Nightmare pitch actually has me interested: “It’s not Freddy cracking jokes. We want to make a horrifying movie. The concept is so scary, don’t fall asleep or you’ll die.”

I enjoyed Platinum Dunes’ Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, but have been extremely disappointed with their efforts since. I’m interested to see how Friday the 13th turns out.

Breaking, Halle Berry just fainted. According to a tipster at JoBlo, when Robert Englund appeared on Loveline four days ago he mentioned that Billy Bob Thornton is being considered for Freddy Krueger in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Did any of our readers tune in to hear what was specifically said (about the casting, not candle light stamina)? Thornton is no stranger to playing small town outcasts in long sleeve apparel who commit murder. He won an Oscar, and ten million bad impressions by Southerners, for 1996’s Sling Blade.

Englund previously stated that he’s cool with both the remake and passing the claw to a new actor. During Comic-Con, Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form were enthusiastic yet cautious about the project, which remains in the early stages and is currently being written by Wesley Strick (Cape Fear, Doom). They emphasized a fresh focus on the psychology of Krueger and elaborate CGI nightmare-scapes not seen in Wes Craven’s low budget, still freaky original co-starring Johnny Depp. Here’s what Fuller told MoviesOnline

“If we’re lucky enough to get that movie, I suspect because of what we try and do with all our horror movies is really keep it real. I don’t know that, if we’re lucky enough to do that, it’s always weird to speculate on that but I can’t imagine Freddy’s going to be throwing out one-liners the whole way through.”

The buzz on PD’s Friday the 13th revamp tooka slight dip with fans last month though the trailer was met with generally favorable reviews. Unlike that popcorn film, nothing I’ve heard really jazzes me about this inevitable ANOES remake. When Freddy’s grossly scalded head once again rises out of the bathwater between a nubile girl’s legs, I guess Billy Bob would be a fine choice.

Update: FirstShowing report that Englund also mentioned this casting rumor on a separate radio interview.

Discuss: Your thoughts on Billy Bob Krueger? If he nabs the role, should producers hire Lucas Black (Sling Blade, Friday Night Lights) for another reunion?

Zombie Strippers Poster

When applicable, IMDB should include an “Actress: Theatrical” entry for porn stars. Sony Pictures has enthusiastically announced that Jenna Jameson (Private Parts) will once again be sliding down America’s luxurious cineplex flagpole, this time in the grindhouse-y Zombie Strippers alongside Robert Englund. On April 18th, the direct-to-DVD flick will play in numerous select American cities and we have the [insert porn pun] listing below.

If you haven’t seen the trailer or the poster we have those too. You know what? Maybe it’s a case of expectations limbo, but the Zombie Strippers trailer is superior to the Lost Boys: The Tribe trailer. That is just depressing.

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This is what happens when you get the sniffles and ignore the beat for a couple of hours: the world of Hollywood deals starts exploding with awfulness. Something in the Elm Street-verse started feeling askew a few weeks ago when Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, said he thought it was a good idea to remake Wes Craven‘s A Nightmare on Elm Street and perhaps pass his claw on to someone else. Word arrives today that production house Platinum Dunes (of which Michael Bay is a partner) and New Line Cinema are setting a plan into motion to completely revamp the franchise, just like they’re doing with Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees, which starts filming in early May. Platinum Dunes have previously set their signature glossy and tan paws on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Eric Red’s The Hitcher and the upcoming Hitchcock-remake The Birds.

A writer will not be hired for the project until after the strike, and no director is attached. Like I said, Englund probably won’t be back. Platinum Dunes can have Jason, fine. Those films are addictive T&A crowd-pleasers and I’m sure they’ll make Crystal Lake shimmer and pop like an airbrushed painting on the side of a stoner van. But ANOES needs a visionary director that will keep the 10-year-old kids who sneak into the remake up in sheer fright for years. This is real deal psychological horror, complete with dream logic, and not simply “caller’s in the house” cliche after cliche, though Craven’s film did that well, as well. I mean, can you imagine the ghostly girls jumping rope singing “3, 4 better lock your door” in Bay-protege-o-vision? Why not just ring up Larry Flynt to do the casting and work the water hose?

The blame here really goes to New Line, though. Freddy Krueger saved that studio’s arse several times throughout its history, and while a ANOES remake is never going to compete with The Hobbit for box office, is it too much to ask to hand the franchise over to a director who will leave the throbbing hormones to the other schlock that passes for horror these days? Johnny Depp might have even done a cameo if it was up to snuff. As for Englund, if he’s okay with ending his contribution with Freddy vs. Jason, who can argue? He’s not right for a water hose reimagining anyhow.

Freddy Returning for a New Nightmare?


Whenever New Line sees dark skies, as they no doubt have with The Golden Compass, they make sure to rub their golden poobah, Fred Krueger, and send him back down Elm Street. A Deep Throat inside New Line has whispered to Bloody Disgusting that plans for Freddy vs. Jason 2 are off, as is the A Nightmare on Elm Street prequel that had Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer‘s John McNaughton attached to direct. The source finally gets to the point, saying that Freddy is gearing up to return in a new ANOES installment, but leaves more questions than answers, like whether it’s a restart a la the studio’s Friday the 13th in 2009, a re-imagining like Rob Zombie’s Halloween, or a homoerotic metaphor like 1985’s Freddy’s Revenge. Nor is it confirmed whether Mr. Robert Englund will be involved, but we’ll just leave that to what lawyers call “good faith” and parents call “common sense, golly.”

Ever since he rapped with the Fat Boys, horror fans have pined for Freddy to toss his bag of rotten jokes and return to the truly scary claw-screeching supernatural killer seen in Wes Craven’s original. As someone who rocked a Dream Warriors puff-paint t-shirt purchased at Record Bar (!) in elementary school, I am that fan. Let’s also hope that studio head Bob Shaye gives the rest of His Dark Materials a chance, eh, because Freddy needs more than one movie to regain his street cred after Jason Voorhees bullied him around like Dawn Wiener in F vs J. Speaking of which, do you think Freddy’s newly detached head and Ms. Voorhees’ head have made out in Jason’s cabin? I do.

Hatchet Movie Trailer


I remember when going to a comic-con meant you were going to see something new and special. Something not available online for anyone to see. That day is gone. The teaser trailer for Hatchet was supossed to make it’s grand premiere at the New York City Comic Con this weekend, but has already turned up online. They didn’t even wait till Monday. If I were going to Comic-con, I’d be pissed. But since I’m not there, I’m glad to have this video.

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