The Lords of Salem feels like a ‘make or break’ moment for Rob Zombie. His debut film suffered problems in the clash between creator and distributor, and fan expectation and reality, but he broke out in a big way with The Devil’s Rejects. But after a very divisive pair of Halloween films I know a lot of people who are ready to give up on the idea of Zombie as director. And so we come to this.

The Lords of Salem is a project he’s had in mind for a while, and it looks like pure Zombie, with blood, witches, a promise of intertwined sex and violence, and appearances from classic horror actors such as Dee Wallace and Barbara Crampton. Zombie shot the film as an indie last year. He dropped a teaser during his summer tour this year, but that never (officially) went online. After the TIFF debut of the movie Anchor Bay picked it up, and now we’ve finally got an online trailer. It has a whole hell of a lot of Kubrick in it, particularly Eyes Wide Shut, but that’s fine with me.

Deliberately operatic and more than a bit silly (“Satan… come to us!”) I don’t know how to predict how this will play. But after watching this teaser a couple times I’m ready to see the film.  Read More »


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Rob Zombie‘s film career has been defined by horror until this point: House of 1,000 Corpses, the two Halloween films, and his upcoming The Lords of Salem are explicitly horror, and The Devil’s Rejects is such grimy exploitation that it has to be viewed as horror at its core. We’ve known he might move away from the genre at some point, and that time may be now. And why should guys like Kevin Smith be the only ones to make hockey movies?

Zombie is attached to write, produce and direct Broad Street Bullies, a film based on the career of the upstart and ultimately winning ’70s Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. But don’t worry about some of Zombie’s trademarks; as a ’70s hockey film, and specifically one about the ‘take no prisoners’ Flyers, there’s a lot of room for violence here. Read More »

Rob Zombie is moving forward on The Lords of Salem, his upcoming horror film that involves witchcraft and terror in Salem, MA. He’s announced the first bit of casting: Meg Foster will play “Margaret Morgan, the leader of a secret coven of witches in Salem.” Fans of John Carpenter’s They Live will recognize Foster immediately; nice to see Zombie continuing his practice of hiring actors from some of his favorite films. The writer/director also provided the image above. [Facebook]

After the break, True Blood‘s Lindsay Pulsipher gets one of the controversial lead roles in The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, and R.I.P.D. gets a new actor. Read More »

First Look: Rob Zombie’s ‘The Lords of Salem’

Here’s the first look at any imagery from Rob Zombie‘s new film The Lords of Salem. But what is it, exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. To start with, is seems to be a mask of some sort, and probably one designed to punish people, extract information from them or both. But how does it factor into the film? All Rob Zombie said when posting this image was ” I will say that the scene that involves this face is very painful.”

Well, that’s a relief, especially given that the director has already said this would be his bleakest film yet. See the full thing after the break. Read More »

Rob Zombie‘s new film The Lords of Salem, was recently given an official announcement, and shooting should get underway on the picture in mid-April, after the director has a chance to finish up his latest concert tour and really dig into pre-production duties.

After one recent concert appearance he was thrown a few questions about The Lords of Salem, and his answers offer up a lot of new info about the film. Read More »

In the wake of Halloween II, it seemed as if Rob Zombie might finally direct his film Tyrannosaurus Rex, or possibly tackle a remake of The Blob. (The latter seeming like a doomed prospect, especially since the 1988 Chuck Russell remake of The Blob is still pretty damn good.)

But then it was announced that he would write and direct The Lords of Salem, with script work to take place last fall and the film hopefully going before cameras this year. Now an incremental update reminds us that the movie is still happening and, yep, it is on target for a spring shoot. Read More »

Rob Zombie Will Direct ‘The Lords of Salem’


Not long ago, Rob Zombie said that he’d soon be announcing his next directorial project. And now the info is out. It isn’t the remake of The Blob, nor Tyrannosaurus Rex. No, it’s a film called The Lords of Salem, about what unfolds when an group of witches plague modern-day Salem. Read More »

Full Grindhouse DVD/Blu-Ray Details/Art Revealed

Earlier this month a suspicious tweet filed by filmmaker Edgar Wright led us to speculate that a Blu-ray release of Grindhouse was in the works. As you probably know, when Grindhouse was released in theaters, it was a double feature featuring Robert Rodriguez‘s Planet Terror, Quentin Tarantino‘s Death Proof, and a few faux trailers at the beginning and in between. When the films were released on DVD, they were distributed as separate movies, with the trailers omitted from both releases (with the exception of Machete). Last month it was finally revealed that the full Grindhouse release would hit stores on October 5th 2010. Now we have the full details, including the DVD/Blu-Ray cover art.

Read More »

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