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One of the most entertaining, page-turning books I’ve read in the past few years is Ernie Cline‘s Ready Player One. Before it was even published, Warner Bros. acquired the rights to the video-game influenced story, which plays like a high-tech blend of The Social Network, Willy Wonka, and Ender’s Game.

That was 2010 and since then, the only update was about a script rewrite in 2012. Two and a half years later, one more writer is coming onboard. His name is Zak Penn, better known as the original writer of The Avengers and X2. His job is to shape up the script so Warner Bros. can sign a director this fall. Read the latest on the Ready Player One movie below. Read More »


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Briefly: The video game-inspired All You Need is Kill isn’t the only game-related project Warner Bros. has going. In 2010 the studio picked up rights to Ernie Cline‘s much-loved book Ready Player One, a story about a sort of treasure hunt that takes place in a fully-realized online virtual community.

Ernie Cline originally scripted the feature version of the book (he also wrote the movie Fanboys) but now Variety says that WB is moving forward with the project by hiring Eric Eason to rewrite. Eason also wrote Manito, Journey to the End of the Night, and the recent film A Better Life. (He directed the first two of those films, as well.)

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Update: As expected, the book sparked a bidding war between four Hollywood studios and Warner Bros. Pictures and De Line Pictures ended up winning the rights. Cline will write the screenplay adaptation of his novel, to be produced by Donald De Line (Green Lantern) and Dan Farah. [deadline]

In one of the largest deals ever for a first time young adult fiction writer, Random House has won a bidding war for Fanboys/Thundercade screenwriter Ernie Cline‘s debut novel Ready Player One. RH paid an almost record mid to high-six figures for the North American rights for the unpublished book, and international rights are being shopped. The movie rights will go on auction tomorrow morning, and many expect a feature film acquisition will happen by Monday at very latest.

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