Wolverine podcast

Marvel Entertainment already has a slate of podcasts to its name, but with crime podcasts like Serial and S-Town making a big splash in that medium, the company is dipping its toes into their first-ever scripted podcast, and it’s centered on one of their most popular comic book characters.

In 2018, Marvel is launching a Wolverine podcast called Wolverine: The Long Night, which stars The Hobbit‘s Richard Armitage as the voice of Logan. And this might be the start of a whole new continuity known as the MPU: the Marvel Podcast Universe. Read all about the new show below.
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teen wolf reboot

MTV’s television reboot of Teen Wolf hasn’t even shed its claws yet, and the cable network is already looking to reboot it again…but this time as a podcast. Um, what?

You read that right: Teen Wolf, which itself was a gritty TV reboot of a 1985 camp classic film starring Michael J. Fox, is facing another transformation into an anthology series and a continuation of the current series in podcast form.

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/Film has had a podcast for a little bit over a year now and during that time, we’ve received dozens of e-mails from people asking what type of setup we use to record. Rather than go through the time-consuming process of replying to each one individually, I thought I’d put together the following:

/Film’s Podcasting Tips and Tricks: A Guide for How to Create Your Own Low-Rent, Low-Budget, Low-Quality, Award-Winning* Podcast

*Note: Not actually award-winning.
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