The Up Subplot That Didn’t Make The Cut

pixar up egg

According to an interview at MTV, Pixar‘s Up was originally an even more overt adventure movie, as a subplot featured Carl Fredricksen protecting a giant egg (laid by the bird Kevin) that is believed to be a sort of fountain of youth. The fact that a subplot was dropped from the film isn’t a big deal, as it happens all the time in many films of all types during development, but this detail provides an interesting glimpse into the film as it was originally conceived. Read More »


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First Look At The Villain From Pixar’s Up


There are still plenty of secrets to be revealed when it comes to Pixar‘s Up, and that even goes for those lucky folks to have seen the 45 minute preview presentation (I’m looking at you, Peter Sciretta). The latest juicy crumb to have fallen from the high table reveals the basic design of the film’s main villain. I’ll pop the full size picture below the break (too tall to go at head of the story) and then you can tell me who – if anybody he looks like to you.

Editor’s Note: Because the villain doesn’t really appear in the first 45 minutes of the film, this might be considered a spoiler. Continue at your own risk.

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NYCC: The First 45 Minutes of Pixar’s Up

Last night at the New York Comic-Con, the IGN Theater was cleared for a special screening of the first 45 minutes of Pixar’s new film, Up. Only the first 300 people in line (plus a few dozen people approved by the studio) were allowed access to the footage. Director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera took to the stage beforehand to let us know that the footage we were about to see was slightly incomplete, with music still yet to be done, sound effects yet to be recorded, and some CGI still missing [For the record, they could have fooled me: The footage we saw looked great and didn’t have any placeholder storyboards or animatics. The music was also pretty good]. The two will be wrapping up production of the film in the next 6 weeks. Hit the jump for spoiler-free video reactions, followed by a detailed description of the first 45 minutes of Up.
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Next Pixar Short Film – Partly Cloudy

The good people of Upcoming Pixar have been searching the Disney A-Z (and it’s appendix) and therein discovered the first information on the short cartoon set to precede Pixar‘s Up when it hits theatres in May. Don’t get overly excited because the information is pretty thin.

First of all, we know who is directing the short. This will be the directorial debut of Peter Sohn, storyboard artist and animator. He also provided the voice of Emile, Remy’s gluttonous brother in Ratatouille.

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New Up Clip From Sony Keynote

You read that right – it was Sony showcasing Pixar’s latest, not Disney/Pixar themselves, or even Apple (the event also had a Dreamworks moment, but that’s nothing to do with this).

The exclusive Up trailer – embedded below – showed some brilliant new material from the one film I hope we’re all looking forward to this Summer (okay – I also hope we’re all looking forward to Inglourious Basterds and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, but I don’t want to appear overly optimistic, even about release dates let alone widespread anticipation). Every new image, every new scene, every new tidbit of plot or spoiler information just makes me want this film more.

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Pixar’s WALL-E Revealed

wall-e pixar

We’ve been wondering what Pixar has up their sleeves after Ratatouille. For months now we’ve been speculating over what exactly Andrew Stanton’s follow-up to the Academy Award winning Finding Nemo would be. All we knew was a name. Well now we have a picture.

Disney’s Robert A. Iger revealed the first photo from the film in a letter to the Disney shareholders. The letter read:

We’re also excited about Pixar’s next animated movie, Ratatouille, which will be released this summer. And I’m pleased to give you an exclusive first look at the title character of their next movie, WALL• E (pictured here), which will be released the following year.

Looks pretty cool if you ask me. I always wondered how Robots would have turned out if Pixar made it. Now I might even get an answer.

Wall-E will hit theaters in June of 2008. Expect a theatrical teaser trailer to be attached to Ratatouille.

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