Red Band From Paris With Love Clip

See a fresh red band clip from Pierre Morel‘s From Paris With Love after the break, courtesy of My Space. It gives us a pretty good idea of the particular ‘types’ John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers have been allocated. There’s also a bit of swearing, some violence and a bit of business with a vase that I can’t quite understand.

Maybe I’m overthinking it. Perhaps he just wants to steal it?

I’m pretty sure this film is going to deliver the standard smart-daft Europacorp japes. If it’s one half as entertaining as Taken, we’re guaranteed a good night out at the pictures.

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When Pierre Morel was announced as director for the new version of Dune, Brendon wondered, “is it reasonable to assume we’re on for a rather ballistic version of the story?” Yesterday the director spoke about his love of the book, and it seemed like he was trying to be right on the same page as ol’ Frank Herbert. Now more of his ideas are being reported, and he’s definitely going for something with a little more zip. Or, as he says with respect to David Lynch‘s 1984 adaptation, “faster and more modern.” Read More »

From Paris with Love Movie Trailer #2

From Paris with Love

Following up on the earlier news about Pierre Morel (District B13, Taken) directing Dune, we now have the second trailer for his next feature, From Paris with Love. The film stars John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and concerns a young embassy worker who teams up with an unruly FBI agent to stop a terrorist attack in Paris. It’s pretty obvious who’s who. Luc Besson is also credited with the film’s story, not unlike many other films he produces. Instead of Besson’s regular screenwriting bud Robert Mark Kamen, Paris’s script was written by Adi Hasak.

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Pierre Morel To Direct Dune

It seems that Peter Berg’s replacement as the director of the new Dune movie has been found and it isn’t Neil Marshall. According to Entertainment Weekly, action specialist Pierre Morel, director of Taken, Banlieue 13 and the upcoming From Paris With Love has come on board. That’s a real step up in my book.

They also report that a new writer will be assigned to help retrofit the project in keeping with Morel’s vision. Is it reasonable to assume we’re on for a rather ballistic version of the story? Frank Herbert purists are probably already gnashing their teeth while me, I’m rubbing my hands together in anticipation of something rather more slam, bam, thank you Melange. I’d also hazard a guess that Morel may go for a cast suitably short on WASPy types – at least, if the studio agrees.


I’ve been a fan of Pierre Morrel ever since his French parkour action film District B13 floored me back in 2005. The film was certainly imperfect, but looking at it purely as an action film you could tell that Morrel was someone to watch out for in the future. Several years later, he reminded us that Liam Neeson can still kick ass in Taken, and he’s currently putting the finishing touches on his latest, From Paris with Love. We’ve also previously reported on two other projects he’s working on.  Now he’s signed on for another feature, a paranoia thriller entitled Signals.

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From Paris With Love Movie Trailer


Pierre Morel’s follow up to the sleeper smash Taken is another Europacorp produced action machine. From Paris With Love stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as an embassy worker and John Travolta as a spy, thrown together by some apparent misunderstanding and charged with smashing, crashing and all-round actioneering in order to thwart a terrorist threat in the French capital. Check out the trailer for yourself after the break.

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Taken director Is In Pursuit


Taken director Pierre Morel has signed on to direct Pursuit for Universal Pictures. As well as the title might fit, this project is not the anticipated/expected sequel to Taken. Pursuit is an action thriller is based on the early career on conflict photographer Jason Howe (check out some of his photos here), who fell in love with a woman while on assignment in Columbia, only to later discover that she is an assassin for right-wing death squads. The studio is searching for a screenwriter for the project.

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Paramount Pictures has acquired and is developing an Untitled Tokyo-Set Thriller for director Pierre Morel. The film tells the story of a CIA operative stationed in Japan who is ordered to carry out one final mission before he retires from service. Of course, the agent finds himself “caught in the middle of an international conspiracy.”

Baldwin wrote Phillip Noyce’s  The Art of Making Money and When Corruption Was King for Paramount, and also adapted a remake of The House of Flying Daggers for Sam Raimi at Sony. Baldwin is also scheduled to make his feature directorial debut with an adaptation of Tokyo Underworld: The Fast Times and Hard Life of an American Gangster in Japan for Warner Bros. So he knows something about the setting.

Morel started as a director of photography, working on The Transporter. He made a name for himself as a filmmaker, helming the Luc Besson-produced parkour action film District B13. Morel crossed over to US audiences with the 2008 French action thriller Taken, which has grossed over $218 million worldwide.

source: Variety

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