WEEDS (season 5)

In our latest wrap-up and discussion of Weeds—a show where it’s increasingly rare to see characters puffing the titular herb, mind you—we take a look at season cinco’s third episode, “Su-Su-Sucio.” After we found ourselves not so much stunned as exhausted and turned-off by the previous ep’s k-hole of casual misery (and forced entry), we were glad to kick back with a breezier follow-up. “Sucio” was filled with hugs, laffs, morning sex, and welcome family admission and reconciling between the MILFy sisters above. (Wait, we didn’t mean they had sex.) Sure, there were a few splotches of mysterious blood, but as with Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), any blood in this ep came to symbolize relief (her blood) and a fast break (that dude’s). Spoiler alert from here on. I’ve included the plot synopsis for next week’s ep, “Super Lucky Happy,” at the bottom…

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Already pegged as the summer comedy you’ll most likely be driven to by a sober girl, we now have our first glimpse at The Hangover and it is funny to the power of holy shit. Any movie that places a toothless Ed Helms, snuggler Zach Galifianakis, face-tatted Mike Tyson, and vintage Phil Collins in the same Las Vegas suite is already unlocking previously unknown doors of lascivious joy worthy of Pier Pasolini. And what’s up Bradley Cooper? According to Mr. Beaks, other winning cameos are at bay, and it def looks like director Todd Phillips has his next Old School. I mean, look at Galifianakis at the start of this. He looks like he had 10 mini heartattacks in his sleep, in a good way. Watch the trailer after the jump. What do you think?

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