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Many people don’t know that Joss Whedon was one of the screenwriters on Toy Story. Pixar often brings in “a stranger from the outside” to help with various aspects of development. Sometimes they are credited, sometimes they aren’t. Some might remember that eight-time nominated cinematographer Roger Deakins was wrought in to help develop WALL-E’s real-life visual aesthetic.

I thought I’d bring up a little trivia tidbit about the creative team behind Pixar’s new film because most people don’t know this yet (it isn’t even on IMDb). BAFTA Award winning screenwriter/director Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent, The Visitor) worked on Pixar’s latest movie Up.

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What is Pixar’s Brave?

There’s an interesting word in a recent Coming Soon interview with Pixar’s Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera. One word. One surprising and so far unexplained word.

As well as discussion of Up and a potential sequel to Monsters Inc. the conversation turned to general work practice at the Pixar studio. While working on Up, did Docter have much involvement with the other in-development pictures? Here’s his answer:

Once in a while, we’re at these meetings where we all look at Toy Story 3 or Brave or whatever and we all give comments and notes, but that’s just like a day here or there.

What is this Brave?

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Pixar's Up

Tomorrow, Pixar’s Up will be not only the first animated film but also the first 3D movie to open the Cannes Film Festival. Reviews are already flowing in. I saw the movie last week, and it is spectacular. But don’t take my word for it, here is a look at the early buzz:

Screendaily: “Up has humour and action aplenty to enthrall children, but it should engage adults in equal quantities who will respond to its rich emotional content.” … “The colours of the film are ravishing and some of the compositions are painterly, while the 3D enhances the images without playing any in-your-face tricks on the audience. Michael Giacchino’s memorable music themes will be rattling around your head for hours after the film is over.”

THR: “Winsome, touching and arguably the funniest Pixar effort ever, the gorgeously rendered, high-flying adventure is a tidy 90-minute distillation of all the signature touches that came before it.” … “But what gives Up such a joyously buoyant lift is the refreshingly nongimmicky way in which the process has been incorporated into the big picture — and what a wonderful big picture it is.”

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Pixar’s Up Featurette: Unlikely Heroes

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Disney has released a new featurette for Pixar’s Up titled “Unlikely Heroes.” Director Pete Docter, co-director/co-writer Bob Peterson, and producer Jonas Rivera talk about the unlikely pairing of Carl Fredrickson and Russell, the young wilderness explorer. John Lasseter says that he believes that the comedy which results makes this “the funniest Pixar film we’ve ever made.” Very strong praise from the guy who made Toy Story. Watch the featurette embedded after the jump.
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One of the items making the rounds today is an article in the New York Times titled “Pixar’s Art Leaves Profit Watchers Edgy”. The article claims that Wall Street and toy retailers are not excited about Pixar’s new film Up, and some analysts have even downgraded Disney’s shares to sell last month citing a poor outlook for Up’s Box Office and merchandising prospects.

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4 New Video Clips From Pixar’s Up

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Disney has released four new videos for Pixar’s Up: two video clips from the film and two behind the scenes featurettes. Watch all four videos after the jump.
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Is Pixar Going to Make Monsters Inc 2?

monsters, inc

Despite what Brad Bird said on stage at WonderCon two years ago, Pixar is now in the sequel business. Cars 2, Toy Story 3, but what about a sequel to Monsters, Inc? At Comic-Con 2008, director Pete Docter responded to an audience question about the prospects of a sequel by admitting that “We’ve thought about it… We’ve got a couple ideas.” MTV later prodded the filmmaker trying to get more information, Docter nervously replied “I can neither confirm nor deny”.

Pixar has announced all their films up until 2012, so could a Monsters Inc sequel be in store for 2013? Pixar fansite The Pixar Blog started receiving strange searches this past January for variations of “‘monsters 2013 pixar”. The interesting thing about the searches is that they were coming from inside Pixar, from the domain. I know, circumstantial at best.

Now a site called Blue Sky Disney is reporting that Pete Docter will start working on the sequel after he finishes Up, with tentative plans for a 2013 release. Now lets keep in mind that I’ve never ever heard of this BlueSkyDisney, and they don’t seem like a trusted news source. But everything I’ve heard on and off the record thus far points in the direction that Disney wants another Monsters Inc movie, and they want it in 2013/2014. Pete Docter will be at WonderCon over the weekend, and I’m sure someone will ask him about these rumors. But with no official announcement from the mousehouse, I’m betting we’ll get another answer like the one he gave MTV at Comic Con.

via: PixarBlog

Last weekend while Devindra and I were at the New York Comic-Con, we had the opportunity to speak with director Pete Docter (Monsters Inc.) and producer Jonas Rivera about Pixar’s new film, Up. Both have had a long and storied history at Pixar, and we were grateful to be able to speak with them about their inspirations for making the film, as well as their take on the direction that Pixar (and the industry) is headed. Hit the jump for the full video interview.

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