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Of all the films that got incredible buzz out of last week’s Telluride Film Festival (12 Years A Slave, Labor Day, Gravity, etc.) one stood out just because it sounded so very different. That film was Tim’s Vermeer, a documentary by noted magicians Penn and Teller. Penn produced and Teller directed the film, which follows inventor Tim Jenison on his attempt to duplicate the famous painting The Music Lesson by Johannes Vermeer. Jenison surmises that Vermeer may not have painted all his famous works by hand, instead using technology to aide in the creation. By attempting this, Jenison (as well as Penn and Teller) question the very nature of art itself.

Below, we’ve got a clip from the film that makes that above paragraph a bit more clear, as well as some early buzz from noted film critics. Read More »


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Penn and Teller‘s unique brand of magic feels like it’s been around forever. Over decades, it has permeated many levels of popular culture, through their successful Showtime show Bullshit, their long running Las Vegas stage act, appearances on The Celebrity Apprentice or cult movies from the Eighties. The duo hopes to continue that notoriety as they prepare another multimedia onslaught in the coming months.

New plans include a new TV show called Smoke and Mirrors and a movie focused on the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. The former is currently in development while the latter is in post-production, with an eye on the coming festival season.  Read More »

penn_and_teller_headerSeven seasons into their bunkum-busting Showtime series Bullshit, and on top of their decades of stage magic mastery, Penn & Teller are about to take their double act onto primetime TV in a most intriguing way. They’ll be starring in a new hourlong mystery series as themselves, give or take: Las Vegas performers who sideline as reluctant detectives. The detective bit is obviously where the give and take comes in.

Similarly brilliant is the news, perfectly timed to coincide with this TV show’s announcement, that the duo’s mini-classic movie Penn & Teller Get Killed is now finally available for order on DVD.

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