bobby fischer

Few modern American historical figures are as mysterious and mythical as chess champion Bobby Fischer. The first American, and youngest World Chess Champion, who famously disappeared for several decades, has been the subject of multiple narrative and documentary films.

A new effort has recently moved up on the board. It’s called Pawn Sacrifice and will be directed by Ed Zwick with Tobey Maguire set to play Fischer. Now Peter Sarsgaard and Liev Schreiber have joined the film, which has been gestating for several years with David Fincher once attached to direct. It finally starts filming in October. Read More »


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The ever-fruitful and edgy creative partnership between director David Cronenberg and actor Viggo Mortensen continues, with today’s announcement of a sequel to their captivating 2007 Russian mob film Eastern Promises. The pic above perfectly conveys our expectations. Deadline reports that producer Paul Webster is overseeing the project, which now has a completed script by Steve Knight, who penned the original and also wrote David Fincher’s planned Bobby Fischer biopic Pawn Sacrifice. At this time last year, we posted on the possibility of a follow-up.

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Ah, spring, the season when we hear about a whole bunch of possible new David Fincher projects that he’ll very possibly never end up actually making. We love it when Fincher does make a movie, but between each one there’s always that long span of time where he’ll be attached to one feature after another.

Place your bets now on which of the following we’ll see in a cinema within the next couple years: the revamped, 3D version of Heavy Metal (discussed a couple days ago), the Bobby Fischer movie Pawn Sacrifice, or a US adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Read More »

bobby fischer

Hopefully you’ve read a bit of sarcasm into the title of this piece, because I truly expect that Tobey Maguire is quite likely happy to set aside the Spider-Man costume. There’s a very specific challenge to making big superhero films, but after three of them I’d expect that the challenge of playing something like his character in Brothers would be immensely more satisfying.

Oddly, I envision famous chess master Bobby Fischer as being somewhere between Peter Parker and Maguire’s character in Brothers. Now Maguire is producing the film Pawn Sacrifice (a fantastic title) and eyeing the lead role, which would have him playing Fischer circa 1972, when he beat Russian chess champ Boris Spassky. Read More »