The Three Musketeers

Paul W.S. Anderson will direct a new adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’s Les Trois Mousquetaires, aka The Three Musketeers. Anderson co-wrote the screenplay (read: run, run far away…) with Andrew Davies (Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Tailor of Panama), and plans to shoot the film in, wait for it… 3-D. UGH! If you’re not yet disgusted, please read on.

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LOL: Hack Directors Venn Diagram


Something that I came across a couple weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to post on the site is this wonderful Hack Directors Venn Diagram from MadAtoms. While I don’t necessarily agree with all of the selections, or reasonings (for example, attempt at style is counter intuitive to the dictionary definition of “hack”), I do think it’s both clever and funny. I’m not sure why Adam Shankman is getting picked on for not being funny when there are better examples of “Isn’t Funny But Makes Comedies” like Tyler Perry. And it is very fitting that Brett Ratner ended up in the center of the diagram.


Paul WS Anderson never seems to stop working. It’s a lot easier, sure, when working with unabashedly commercial projects, but if some of the filmmakers that I like a lot more could manage to work half as often as he does, this would be a very different cinema landscape. Now, according to Shock Till You Drop, Anderson is working on a prequel to his 2008 film Death Race. Which, wait a second, means he’s writing a prequel to a prequel? Read More »


Milla Jovovich is promoting The Perfect Getaway, but is also talking about Resident Evil 4: Afterlife, which starts shooting later this year. She has confirmed that her husband, Paul WS Anderson, will direct as well as produce, and that he’s reasearching 3D techniques in order to shoot this chapter in the format. She’s also given a bit of info about what we’ll be likely to see, storywise, and it sounds like Jovovich will be busy, if nothing else. Why? “The clones are definitely in it,” she tells Bloody Disgusting. Read More »

Do we really need another Resident Evil sequel? Paul W.S. Anderson thinks so. Of course, he isn’t known for his good ideas, or filmmaking skills, or… well, all he he’s really known for is having made some really shitty genre films. The director tells the Sunday Sun that he’s writing “an adaptation of the Long Good Friday right now, set in present-day Miami. Then I will probably write Resident Evil 4.”

It was reported a while back that he was in talks to make another film, but this looks like the first confirmation that he’s going to give it a go. Hey, at least he’s not trying to direct a new Beverly Hills Cop or remake Conan. The Resident Evil franchise is like a little doggy cage, keeping him busy while also keeping hims from finding new projects to ruin.


LOL: AVP Child Predator Gloves

Still undecided about what to be for Halloween this year? Paul W.S. Anderson’s Alien vs. Predator continues to inspire fanboys four years later with these nifty “Child Predator Hands.” Windowless van, heavy duty trash bags, sleep-candy and mouth breathing not included. (Made in China)

Source: Remember You’re a Winner via FAIL Blog

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Paul W.S. Anderson Leaves Spy Hunter

A big screen adaptation of the video game Spy Hunter has been in the woks for almost five years now. Last year it was announced that Universal had hired hack director Paul W.S. Anderson (not to be confused with Paul Thomas Anderson) to helm the project, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson attached to star. Our friends at LatinoReview have some good news for video game fans – it looks like Anderson has lost interest in the film adaptation.

And with that, the current status of the project is now in flux. Is The Rock still going to do the movie? Will Universal Pictures even make the movie? Is a Spy Hunter movie even worth making? And if so, who will step up to helm it? Lets hope Uwe Boll isn’t on the short list. The answers to those questions and much more will be provided by you the /Film readers, in the comments.

Death Race Movie Trailer

Universal has released the first movie trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson’s Death Race remake starring Jason Statham. The prisoners who participate in death race have access to explosives and big guns which they incorporate into their cars in this anything goes race for freedom, but they don’t try to use them to escape? Seems to defy logic. But then again, when did we ever expect a Paul W.S. Anderson movie to conform to laws of logic. Check out the new trailer below and tell me what you think in the comments.

[flv: 470 200]

You can also watch the trailer in High Definition on Yahoo. Death Race will hit theaters on August 22nd 2008.

Plot Synopsis: Jason Statham leads the cast of an action-thriller set in the post-industrial wasteland of tomorrow, with the world’s most brutal sporting event as its backdrop. A penitentiary full of felons has inspired the jailers to create a grisly pastime ripe for lucrative kickbacks. Now, adrenalized inmates, a global audience hungry for televised violence and a spectacular arena come together to form the “Death Race.”

Three-time speedway champion Jensen Ames (Statham) is an expert at survival in the harsh landscape that has become our country. Just as he thinks he has turned his life around, the ex-con is framed for a gruesome murder he didn’t commit. Forced to don the mask of the mythical driver Frankenstein — a crowd favorite who seems impossible to kill — Ames is given an easy choice by Terminal Island’s warden (Joan Allen): suit up or rot away in a cell.

His face hidden by a metallic mask, one convict will be put through an insane three-day challenge. Ames must survive a gauntlet of the most vicious criminals in the country’s toughest prison to claim the prize of freedom. Driving a monster car outfitted with machine guns, flamethrowers and grenade launchers, one desperate man will destroy anything in his path to win the most twisted spectator sport on Earth.

Death Race

Universal has released a batch of new photos for Paul W.S. Anderson‘s Death Race. Check them out after the jump. As always, click to enlarge.

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