Paul Verhoven, the dual-sided filmmaker whose Hollywood career is broadly split between  highly aware genre fare (RoboCop, Starship Troopers, Black Book) and gleeful, exploitative silliness (Showgirls, Basic Instinct, Total Recall), has long wanted to make a film about Jesus. Yes, that Jesus, the carpenter. He co-wrote a book on the subject, Jesus of Nazareth, and has tried for some time to raise money to do a film version.

Now he’s a couple steps closer, perhaps thanks to a climate that is more favorable than usual towards big films with religious origins. (Think Aronofsky’s Noah and Spielberg’s Gods and Kings.) Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction, Beowulf) has been hired to script, and Muse Productions is ready to finance the picture. Read More »

Paul Verhoeven hasn’t directed a film since the very good 2006 release Black Book. There are films he wants to make or has flirted with: a Thomas Crown Affair sequel; The Hidden Force; Eternal; a video game adaptation; and a film called The Surrogate.

The last film had Halle Berry attached, but seems to be dead. However, there is a report that the director and actress are moving on to a new project, The Student. Read More »

Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan isn’t even playing on 100 screens in the United States yet but, based on back to back huge weekends at the box office, it’s safe to say the film is building some serious word of mouth. However, while most of that word of mouth is incredibly positive, there are plenty of people who find many of the film’s more eccentric and out there moments to be comical.

It’s safe to assume that Jeffrey McHale is one of those people. The director/editor has made a very clever trailer mash up using the full audio track from the Black Swan trailer, edited with applicable footage from Paul Verhoeven’s infamous Showgirls. And, to be honest, it works extremely well. It is NSFW however, as Showgirls was an NC-17 movie. Check it out after the break. Read More »

Paul Verhoeven to Direct ‘Eternal’

Paul Verhoeven

We’ve heard about a few possible projects for Paul Verhoeven over the past couple years. Last seen directing the very good Black Book, he’s got a film called The Surrogate on his plate, along with The Hidden Force and possibly an adaptation of a Jordan Mechner video game.

Add one more to the pile, as the director has signed on to Eternal, which could put him back in erotic thriller territory, albeit with a twist. Read More »


Paul Verhoeven (RoboCop, Total Recall) has been off the grid for about four years now, with his last film, the widely acclaimed Dutch war drama/thriller Black Book, marking his only return to the director’s chair since he departed the Hollywood scene a decade ago (after the release of Hollow Man).

Good news for Verhoeven fans: He’s back at it again, and his next film sounds like a trip. Read More »

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LOL: Total Recall: The Musical

total recall

What if Paul Verhoeven‘s Total Recall were adapted into a broadway musical? Arnold Schwarzenegger performs “The Mountains of Mars” from “Total Recall: The Musical” in a video embedded after the jump.
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After the break, director Paul Verhoeven explains why Robocop is a Christ metaphor, and I speak with the enigmatic director of The Room, Mr. Tommy Wiseau. You can find all past versions of /Film Boston by going to
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The Last Express

Paul Verhoeven, a director best known for films like Robocop, Starship Troopers, Total Recall and Basic Instinct, hasn’t stepped behind the camera for a few years (2006’s Black Book). But is now appears the filmmaker is developing a big screen adaptation of a video game. The filmmaker told MTV:

“I am working on a movie now that is… situated in 1914. Basically, Indiana Jones-ish you could say, but also Hitchcockian. We are scripting it. It’s an idea that exists already… from another medium, and so we are making it now into a film narrative.” Which medium, Josh asked. “A game, a video game.”

MTV was unable to figure out which video game Verhoeven was talking about, but I think I may have cracked the code.
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Paul Verhoeven to Direct The Surrogate

the surrogate

Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct, Total Recall, Starship Troopers) returns stateside to develop and direct The Surrogate for 20th Century Fox. This project shouldn’t be confused with Disney’s Bruce Willis sci-fi comic book adaptation Surrogates, although I would expect that Fox might change the title to avoid confusion.

The plot can’t be any more different, more of a traditional contemporary thriller. Based on the 2004 novel by Kathryn Mackel, the story follows a couple who find out that the young college girl who they hired to carry their baby is insane.

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MGM Planning New RoboCop Movie


AICN pointed out a press release today from MGM that lists a new RoboCop movie alongside upcoming franchise films already in development like Quantum of Solace, The Thomas Crown Affair 2 (with RoboCop director Paul Verhoeven on board) and everyone’s favorite future films, The Pink Panther 2 and 3. Here’s the excerpt…

MGM is planning an exciting fall and winter release schedule. In partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, MGM will bring new installments of two of its tentpole franchises — the new James Bond movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE and Steve Martin in PINK PANTHER 2. MGM will also release United Artists’ international thriller VALKYRIE, starring Tom Cruise on October 3. With the appointment of Parent, MGM will enter its new phase of evolution by focusing on its major movie franchises highlighted by JAMES BOND and PINK PANTHER sequels, THE HOBBIT, THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR 2, THE OUTER LIMITS, ROBOCOP, DEATH WISH and FAME, among others.

A redo of Fame was just announced, so besides The Outer Limits, these are all go’s at this point. Strange that we haven’t heard much as of late sans a few whispers here and there about a remake of RoboCop. It still seems like a safe bet that MGM would revamp and remake the first film, rather than pick up where 1993’s pretty bleh RoboCop 3 left off. In fact, this is a tent pole franchise and character that have almost dropped off the pop culture radar, with only a sweded trailer of the original 1987 classic bloodbath in Be Kind Rewind coming to mind.

I’m not against the idea of rebooting the character in films so long as MGM doesn’t “teenify” the still shocking violence, sick humor and sharp satire of the original. And hopefully Peter Weller, who played the pork of the future in the first two flicks, gets offered a role in the film as well.

Discuss: Does the idea of a RoboCop reboot scare you? Who should direct it? And, oooh, RoboCop Versus The Terminator?