Drive Angry 3D Director/Co-Writer Patrick Lussier and Co-Writer Todd Farmer have provided us with a list of their favorite movie car chases. It’s worth noting that Lussier was just selected as one of Variety’s Top 10 Directors to Watch. Drive Angry hits theaters on February 25th 2011. Check out the list after the jump.
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The story of the Hellraiser remake that has long been in development at Dimension just keeps taking new turns. Quite a few possible directors have been attached to the project in the past few years, and just this week there was a rumor that Christian E. Christiansen, recently in talks to direct, then supposedly off the project, was not only back on but ready to make a PG-13 version of the story. Cue a massive wave of fan disinterest at the notion of a PG-13 Hellraiser.

Whether in response to that backlash (highly unlikely) or just because things hadn’t actually been sorted out yet (far more likely) there’s a new report that My Bloody Valentine 3D and Drive Angry 3D creators Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer will direct the new take on Clive Barker‘s horror landmark. Let me guess: it’ll be in 3D. Read More »

Movie Trailer and Poster: ‘Drive Angry 3D’


Did someone declare today Drive Angry 3D day and we didn’t get the memo? I only ask because not only has the brand new theatrical trailer just come online, but the poster as well. From My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier (no relation) and starring Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, David Morse, Billy Burke and Tom Atkins, Drive Angry 3D is about a man who breaks out of hell to get violent, R-rated revenge on the cult who killed his daughter and stole her baby. Footage from the film premiered at Comic Con and was one of the biggest hits of the convention. It’s scheduled for release February 11, 2011. Click below for the full poster and trailer. Read More »

After seeing concept art and a couple of still shots from Patrick Lussier‘s Drive Angry, I started to wonder if the film might be the sort of action film that few filmmakers seem to get right these days — a dirty, slightly weird, possibly quite violent revenge story. (We see a lot of revenge stories, but few that are acutally decent.)

Today at the San Diego Comic Con, Summit and Lussier showed off a couple minutes of footage, and brought Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard and William Fichtner up on stage to talk about the film. Highlights are after the break. Read More »


When I first started to hear about Drive Angry 3D, which Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine 3D) is directing with Nicolas Cage, I expected something that might look rather like Faster, the Dwayne Johnson film that just got a teaser today.

But I should have known better — a bunch of set visit reports have just gone online, and Lussier, Cage and others involved in the film are making Drive Angry sound like a much more intense, violent film. And if the concept art is any reliable indication (50/50 chance of that) then it could be a positively apocalyptic experience. Read More »

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According to Deadline minutes ago, the Weinstein Company has temporarily (permanently?) pulled the plug on pre-production for Halloween 3D. With rumors circulating today throughout the industry that Summit Entertainment, flush with Twilight monies, might pursue an acquisition of TWC, this is not a good look. Sources tell Nikki Finke that TWC simply believed the production schedule was too fast—November ’09 start for a summer ’10 bow—only after receiving the script today. In the meantime, haters of Rob Zombie‘s recent Halloween II will be glad to hear that TWC is re-releasing the $31m grossing sequel on Halloween, news that demands the following: Derrrr.

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With the Weinstein Company skating on financial ice, even with Inglourious Basterds breaking $100m domestic, the Brothers Weinstein are once again placing their bets on horror. As they should: their success has long been tied to the genre in addition to Oscar pics. Now that Rob Zombie is finished retooling the Halloween franchise—his sequel dropped by 70+ percent this weekend—Dimension and Bob Weinstein have announced a new writer/director for the next unrelated installment: Halloween 3D. Fangoria parlays that they’ve tapped Patrick Lussier to helm the first 3D outing of Michael Myers, due to start production for a quick 2010 release.

Lussier is riding off of the tidy hit that was My Bloody Valentine 3D, and he’s been a go-to editor for the Weinsteins’ horror pictures dating back to Scream in ’96. Expect a more accessible, give-’em-what-they-want slasher outing. Dimension has also announced a new theatrical remake of Stephen King‘s The Children of the Corn. Labor Day just got better for one guy! They’ve hired major screenwriter, Ehren Kruger, forever co-responsible for Transformers 2 (also: Scream 3), to re-haul the franchise. If, unlike us, you’re not yet muttering in a daze of muckkity muck like Col. Kurtz, more details after the jump.
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Nicolas Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds

Nicolas Cage has caught the 3D fever and has signed on to star in a revenge action film titled Drive Angry , to be directed by the helmer of My Bloody Valentine 3D.
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“Red and blue make 3D.”


Who do you cast in a remake of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite slasher movie? Judging by the upcoming remakes of lovely ’80s knife-wielding shlock like Prom Night (April 11th) and April Fool’s Day (straight to DVD/ugh), I’d say, “I dunno, that girl today at Pinkberry?” But, noooo! The lead actress in the 2009 remake of the above-par 1981 slasher My Bloody Valentine is in fact Jaime King, who starred in Sin City and is thus less than one degree of separation of Tarantino.

Directed by Patrick Lussier, who was an editor on all three Scream films and directed the sequel to that movie where Michael Keaton fights White Noise, the new MBV will also be in 3D (I hate hyphens). King will play Sarah Palmer, a girl who makes the oft-mistake of marrying her high school sweetheart’s arch rival and having a baby with him. When her old flame returns, those little heart candies start reading, “You’re all gonna die.”

King, who is pretty hot, will play one of the vixens in Frank Miller’s hotly anticipated The Spirit. She also played the fully grown, long estranged daughter of Johnny Depp’s coke playboy at the end of Blow. I wonder how sweet the deal was for her to star in this horror remake and I hope it’s part of a trend. Maybe this movie will inspire another good band, too.

Discuss: If a slasher movie is in 3D, are you more likely to go see it? If Jaime King is in 3D, do you want to see that in a movie theater or on a monitor?

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