Nike is well-known for doing beautiful commercials directed by some of the biggest filmmakers of yesterday, today and tomorrow. (See examples one, two, three.) The company’s latest spot is right up there with the great ones. Directed by talented filmmaker Patrick Boivin, it stars Spanish soccer star Andrés Iniesta as a marionette. The whole thing is done in stop-motion and is produced by legendary stop-motion studio Aardman Animation, the creators of Wallace & Gromit. Check it out below. Read More »


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VOTD: Patrick Boivin’s Black Widow Gone Wild

We’ve featured a bunch of Patrick Boivin’s videos in past editions of Video of the Day, including AT-AT Day Afternoon, a Batman vs. Hellboy movie trailer mash-up, Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee, Bumblebee’s stop-motion animated dance and Boba Fett’s stop-motion Mandalorian Dance. The French Canadian director has just released his newest creation, a stop-motion animated action figure short titled “Black Widow Gone Wild.” The short takes an action figure of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and pits her against some of movies biggest stars, Whiplash, the t1000, Rocky, Michael Jackson, Superman, Batman, Jack Bauer, Predator and Spider-Man. And what if Black Widow was War Machine? Watch the short embedded after the jump.

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Last week we posted Patrick Boivin‘s short film AT-AT Day Afternoon. The short film replaced a normal dog with a vintage Star Wars AT-AT toy, which with the magic of stop-motion animation and computer compositing effects, comes alive. The video quickly went viral, and spread around the internet clocking in over a million views so far. Boivin has now released a video showing how he created the short film, which you can watch after the jump.

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VOTD: AT-AT Day Afternoon


A month ago we posted Iron Baby, a cute little video clip that did more or less exactly what the title promised by casting a baby as Iron Man. OK, not really my thing, but some people got a kick out of it.

But I’ve got a much greater weakness for dogs, and especially machines that are animated to behave like dogs. With that in mind, I present AT-AT Day Afternoon, which is a pretty cute little Star Wars-related joke that runs exactly as long as it should. Read More »

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