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In June we saw the first teaser for Paranormal Activity 2, which opens on October 22. But that mostly traded on the cache of the first film, which did shockingly well for Paramount. (Thanks in part to a very smart marketing campaign.) Now there’s a full trailer for the sequel, which introduces the new family that falls victim to a haunting. See it after the break. Read More »


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Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Trailer

Paranormal Activity

The first teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 2, which is attached to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is now online and embedded after the jump. The trailer begins where the last film ended (so if you haven’t seen the first movie, prepare to be spoiled). While I admired the low budget minimalistic effort of the original, this just seems like a cash grab follow-up. Watch the trailer now and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Shock Till You Drop has learned that the first teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 will be attached to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which hits theaters next week — on Wednesday, June 30th 2010.

Tod ‘Kip’ Williams (The Door in the Floor) is directing the movie, and shooting began recently. The script is by Michael Perry. Oren Peli is producing; Akiva Goldsman is executive producer. Paramount Pictures has yet to confirm any cast members, although we expect the film to consist of mostly unknowns. The film is set to hit theaters on October 22nd 2010.


Briefly: Well, it’s not quite Brian De Palma, but it’s also not Akiva Goldsman. And did we really think that Paramount was going to a big-name director for this quickie sequel to Paranormal Activity? So: Tod ‘Kip’ Williams (The Door in the Floor) will direct Paranormal Activity 2.

The hire was announced on the film’s official website (via STYD) with a note from Oren Peli, who directed the first film.The script is by Michael Perry. Oren Peli is producing; Akiva Goldsman is executive producer.

“We are thrilled to have Kip working with us,” Peli says. “He is the guy we want at the helm, because he knows exactly what we want to deliver to the fans…and I can’t wait to be a part of what he’s putting together. I don’t want to spoil the story but I promise it’ll surprise you.”


UPDATE: Deadline says that Goldsman is onboard as executive producer, not director. The site says he’s helping shape the story in advance of the May shoot date. Original article follows.

The creation of Paranormal Activity 2 has been a fairly odd process. Paramount had hired Saw VI director Kevin Geutert to helm the film on a fairly short schedule, then Lionsgate exercised a clause in his contract to call him back to make the latest (and perhaps last) film in the Saw series. Paramount has been looking for a new director and now there’s word that they may have settled on a surprising name: A Beautiful Mind and I Am Legend screenwriter Akiva Goldsman. Read More »

The quick-turnaround required to get another Paranormal Activity into cinemas this Halloween, and possibly kill the Saw franchise once and for all, will mean that Paramount will have to get production up and running very soon indeed.

You probably recall that Saw almuni Kevin Greutert was given the helm before a little contractual black magic from Lionsgate saw those plans dashed. Who then, might Paramount have in the frame for this eight-month wonder now?

It’s an astonishing shortlist. As well as Session 9‘s Brad Anderson and Wolf Creek‘s Greg McLean, the studio are reportedly also sizing up none other than Brian De Palma. Blimey.

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Here’s a quick precis of what we told you so far, then a zinger of a punchline.

Paramount offered the Paranormal Activity 2 directing gig to Saw 6 helmsman Kevin Greutert. As an underhand measure, Lionsgate have exercised their option on the director and obliged him to direct Saw 3D instead. The two films are currently slotted in for the same release date, and the Paranormal sequel would appear to be without a director.

So, how does Greutert feel about this? His first response was relatively polite:

I’m in the middle of something really terrible right now, as anyone who has come to this site probably knows.  While I fight for justice in this, the important thing is to avoid giving in to hatred and anger, because these emotions are life killers. Hopefully we will all arrive at an amicable solution.  Thank you to everyone who is working with me on this.

His second, less so. It follows after the break.

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UPDATE: As one might expect, Kevin Greutert isn’t happy about this move. Check out his response at the end of the article.

This is a crazy development that, if true, sounds like stereotypical Hollywood business and absolutely terrible PR. A report has it that Lionsgate, irked by the fact that Paramount hired long-time Saw editor and recent Saw VI director Kevin Greutert to direct Paranormal Activity 2, has exercised an option on the filmmaker and will oblige him to direct Saw 3D.  That’s right — the studio is, in essence, forcing Greutert to make the seventh Saw film so that he can’t help Paramount with  the rival Paranormal Activity franchise. Read More »

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