Since Paranormal Activity became a runaway success for Paramount, the studio has become more and more interested in low-budget films that might have high profit margins. There have been two more Paranormal Activity films, with a third sequel on the way, and the company started a sub-label called Insurge meant to buy or produce so-called ‘micro-budget’ films. The first big Insurge release was the terrible The Devil Inside, which despite being crap, grossed just over $100m globally against a budget of $1m.

In any business, we call that ‘encouraging.’

So Paramount is sallying forth with more low-budget thrillers. The next may be a science fiction affair called God Particle. J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot are being set to produce the script, which was written by Oren Uziel. Read More »

With zombies, vampires, and aliens all hot in Hollywood right now, why pick one supernatural creature when you can have all three? That seems to be the reasoning behind The Kitchen Sink, a 2010 Black List script that pits humans, zombies, and vampires against an alien invasion. Jonah Hill was in talks to make his directorial debut with the film back in March, but he’s since departed, and now indie director Robbie Pickering is set to take over at the helm. More details after the jump.

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In June 2010, the short Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, based on the popular fighting video game series, hit the web. Armed with recognizable faces like Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan and no small amount of violence, the short became a sensation, racking up millions of views on YouTube. The director was revealed to be choreographer Kevin Tancharoen, and the short spawned a web series that played out over the following year.

When the short hit we wondered if it might be a way to test the waters for a new feature film based on Mortal Kombat. That wasn’t quite the purpose on the studio side of things, though Tancharoen definitely viewed it as an audition. And that audition ended up working out that way in the end. New Line is now planning a new Mortal Kombat film, which will be written by Oren Uziel (the writer of MK: Rebirth) and directed by Tancharoen. Read More »

From time to time I chat with industry friends about which screenplays they’re currently reading. Last week one of my friends was telling me about a screenplay he was checking out which was about “a human teenager, a vampire, and a zombie must save their town from an alien invasion.” I’ve heard its fantastic, but Hollywood would never make it because think of how costly and ridiculous the idea is. It’s so over the top, that the title of the screenplay is “The Kitchen Sink“, in reference to the popular saying that something has everything but the kitchen sink. This movie has everything but Cowboys and superheroes.

It looks like Sony Pictures will actually be making this movie, and who is going to direct this madness? Jonah Hill?!

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Earlier this week, seven minutes of Mortal Kombat footage featuring Michael Jai White as Jax seemingly “leaked” online. Is this test footage for a new Mortal Kombat movie reboot? Who is behind this short film? We have the full details, after the jump.

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Mortal Kombat Redo In the Works


There’s a surprising little story at Bloody Disgusting which reveals Warner Bros. are in early development of a new Mortal Kombat movie. They’ve already selected a writer in Oren Uziel, author of the Black List 2009 entry Shimmer Lake. That script was a twisty, suspenseful thriller that combined murder mystery with a bank heist plotline, so it would seem Uziel has a smarter way with narrative than is strictly necessary for a beat ’em up tournament film. Earlier Kombat pictures were depressingly linear and short on ambition.

The game’s selling point was gory ‘fatalities’, finishing moves that saw the little digital fighters turned into ripped up messes of red pixels. To render these money shots faithfully on the big screen would require an R rated picture – at least! – though I’m not sure that will be the plan. Surely Warners can see how the target audience for the film is stuffed with thirteen and fourteen year olds?