After Drive opened, director Nicolas Winding Refn got right back to work on a new movie with Drive star Ryan Gosling. Their second project together is the Thai-set western Only God Forgives, which pushed from a late 2011 shoot to early 2012.

The movie is one of many trying to score distribution sales at the American Film Market, which means that there is also some new info to be had. The short take on the movie is this: “Only God Forgives is a fast, powerful, high-profile, action and violent revenge story with Ryan Gosling and Kristin Scott Thomas, never seen before, as a merciless and terrifying mafia godmother.”

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Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling teamed up for Drive, a film that won praise at Cannes and a Best Director award for Mr. Refn. They’ll work together again on a remake of Logan’s Run, and possibly after that film on a romantic comedy. (Difficult to tell if that last project is real, or just a bit of junket/premiere joking.)

Before he shoots Logan’s Run, however, the director will shoot Only God Forgives in Bangkok. Luke Evans has been set to star for a couple months, but now there is a report that Ryan Gosling is in the cast as well.

Update: Variety confirms that Ryan Gosling is in negotiations for the role, and that he’ll replace Luke Evans, who dropped out due to his commitment to The Hobbit. Read More »

This is great Monday morning film news: Nicolas Winding Refn is really moving forward with plans to shoot a small film between Drive and the Logan’s Run remake. That ‘small film’ is Only God Forgives, which he had planned to make before Drive came up, and in which he has now cast Luke Evans and Kristin Scott-Thomas. More details on the movie are after the break. A hint: it has been called a modern Western, and it involves some Thai-style ass-kicking. Read More »


I know it seems like we’ve had a lot of posts lately about Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, but that’s what happens when a guy who has been making interesting movies for several years starts to nose around studio films. He got attached to a lot of projects in short order, and now some of those naturally have to fall away.

Refn is next making Drive, with Ryan Gosling, and that necessitates skipping out on a couple other films. He’ll no longer direct Keanu Reeves in Jekyll, nor will he be able to make The Dying of the Light, the Paul Schrader script that is to star Harrison Ford. Both of those films had sounded interesting, particularly the Schrader script, and it’s sad to see Refn have to drop them. Empire reports that timing was the issue for Jekyll and that “things fell apart” for The Dying of the Light.

Currently, the plan seems to be for Refn to make Drive and then move on to his wild-sounding Western Only God Forgives, then a film set in Miami called I Walk with the Dead. Hopefully Only God Forgives, at least, will come to pass.


The momentum behind writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn—a talent of significant interest for many of our staff—is culminating into numerous “man’s man”-sounding projects. The Dane auteur behind the Pusher Trilogy and this winter’s rollicking Bronson remains attached to direct Keanu Reeves in Jeckyll, a big-budget take on Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, that would introduce him to the domestic mainstream.

This week, reviews for Refn’s violent Viking epic, Valhalla Rising, have started to pile in from the Venice Film Festival: Variety compared it to a redundant and nearly dialogue-free “grunge-and-gore” flick in the John Milius mold. On a bad day with a skull chalice, might that be welcome? Add to this two new projects: a “modern Western” with the foreboding title Only God Forgives and an untitled heist film for producer Gore Verbinski (PoTC trilogy). The order of production is presently unknown. More info follows…

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