My mind just warped a little bit. While Robert Rodriguez talked for some time about remaking Barbarella, the kooky kitch sci-fi romp starring Jane Fonda and the Orgasmatron, his movie never got off the ground. Then Robert Luketic was appointed director, and that version eventually died as well.

But Barbarella is going to be revamped, and for television no less. And Drive and Bronson director Nicolas Winding Refn is going to do it. Read More »


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Blending parts of 13 Tzameti, Hostel and The Professional, Button Man: The Killing Game has possibly found a director. Nicolas Winding Refn is in talks to helm the DreamWorks owned film adaptation of the graphic novel by John Wagner and Arthur Ransom about an assassin who’s recruited to take part in a fight to the death game of trained killers, overseen and bet on by millionaires. He then decides against participating and must fight he way out. Refn hasn’t officially signed but is in talks. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Drive team Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling reconvened earlier this year to shoot the Thai-flavored western Only God Forgives in Bangkok. We’ve seen one photo of Gosling that comes from the film, but there wasn’t much to that image.

Now a set of moody black and white photos has shown up online, and they do a nice job of complimenting the report of footage shown off late last week at Cannes. Check ‘em out below. Read More »

The films of William Lustig are crude exploitation, but they’re strange and entertaining enough to find new groups of fans every few years. Maniac, for example is a chilly ride, and a film that is currently being remade with Elijah Wood as the unlikely but compelling choice for the title character. Vigilante is a Death Wish- and poliziotteschi-influenced urban crime movie with a cartoonish tone balanced by Robert Forster.

Then there are the Maniac Cop films: a bizarro trilogy of increasingly silly tales centered on killings perpetrated by a vengeful/evil/supernatural police officer.

The original film starred genre stalwarts Tom Atkins, Bruce Campbell, Richard Roundtree, and the massive-jawed Robert Z’Dar as the title character. Writer Larry Cohen (also a schlock master, thanks to films like Q, God Told Me To, and It’s Alive!) and Lustig have been working to produce a new Maniac Cop film.

And now they’ve got company. Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive, Pusher, Bronson) is on board to produce the movie that will be a prequel of sorts to Lustig’s original 1988 picture. Read More »

Director Nicolas Winding Refn and actor Ryan Gosling are in Thailand now shooting their follow-up to the 2011 cult hit Drive. The new film is Only God Forgives, a sort of revenge Western set in Bangkok, with Kristen Scott Thomas playing a villainous matriarch.

We’ve seen one image of Gosling in the film, but it was pretty much just an image of Gosling that could have been sourced from most anywhere – the background is the more interesting bit. (Above.) Now there is a new image of the actor that suggests he really gets his ass handed to him at some point in the film. Read More »

The Drive duo of writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn (Pusher, Bronson) and actor Ryan Gosling have joined forces once more to shoot Only God Forgives, a western set in Thailand. The film is in production now, and the bad news is that a distribution deal we assumed was going to come through, with Drive distributor FilmDistrict, has failed.

But there’s good news: Radius-TWC, a Weinstein Company offshoot label that is focused on cross-platform distribution with an emphasis on VOD, is in talks to pick up the film. Read More »

‘Pusher’ Remake Trailer

It’s a strange world. Nicolas Winding Refn‘s film Pusher was released in 1996 and didn’t make a big splash. Years later, when Refn was in dire financial straights he made two sequels, and the attention given to those films helped establish Refn in a much bigger way. Now he’s an internationally famous director and there are two remakes of Pusher out in the world.

The more recent one, the US release for which is yet to be determined, is actually produced by Refn, directed by Luis Prieto and stars Richard Coyle as a guy who finds himself on the wrong end of a bad drug deal and has to make some questionable decisions to survive.

A trailer has just landed for Prieto’s remake, and you can check it out below. Read More »

We’ve made no secret about our love for Nicolas Winding Refn‘s beautifully moody thriller Drive, and we know that many of our readers fell for it as well. So for a lot of you, the following clip of the first seven minutes of the film won’t really be a “first look” so much as a little reminder of what made the movie so special, in case you’re still trying to make up your mind about whether or not you want to buy the Blu-ray / DVD / digital copy when it goes on sale this week.

For the rest of you, Drive stars Ryan Gosling as a movie stunt driver who mans getaway vehicles by night. When he falls for a married neighbor (Carey Mulligan), he gets pulled into a heist with her ex-con husband (Oscar Isaac) that spins out of his control.

This clip doesn’t get into the meat of the plot, but it does offer up a nice taste of Drive‘s considerable charms, including Gosling’s withdrawn lead performance, Bryan Cranston‘s turn as Gosling’s accomplice, the seedy Los Angeles setting, the ’80s-inflected soundtrack, and the delectably tense vibe. Oh, and of course, some actual stunt driving. Watch it or rewatch the opening scene after the jump.

Read More »

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