Many of us spend an excessive time on the Internet and, in that time, we’re exposed to new things. One of those is the movement of men who call themselves “Bronies” — they’re adult male fans of the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The show is primarily aimed at tween girls, but the Brony subculture is growing. Just how prevalent is this movement? It now has its own documentary.

After grossing over $300,000 on Kickstarter, Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony was directed by Laurent Malaquais. The film tells the story of this small, vocal niche of fandom through interviews, behind the scenes access at events, and plenty more.

Below you can read more about the film and see its trailer. Then, if you so desire, the completed film is available for purchase. Read More »


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VOTD: My Little Pony: The Live-Action Movie

my little pony movie
After the success of Transformers, and with Hollywood desperate for ideas Hasbro has hired Michael Bay to direct a big screen adaptation of another popular toy property.

“Forget the Fallen… Don’t Go to Joe… Because This Summer… Action Walks on All Fours…”

My Little Pony: Reign of Buttercup Sprinkles

/Film reader Andy Signore has created a movie trailer spoof that imagines what this big budget Hollywood action film might look like. I’ve embedded the faux trailer after the jump. has also posted a five-minute behind the scenes featurette on the making of the movie. And yes, they did actually spray paint ponies.

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