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Duncan Jones is at Comic Con to promote Warcraft, and he’s got a few other things to say while talking about his upcoming third movie. Warcraft is very nearly done, with fewer than a dozen effects shots left to complete. And since the movie doesn’t release until June 2016, that leaves him with a lot of time until he has to hit the promo circuit. He’ll eventually get to work on a Warcraft sequel, and in fact he and Legendary have story ideas for two more movies.

What Jones seems most keen on doing, however, is filling the eleven months between now and the release of Warcraft by making another movie. Specifically, he hopes to finally shoot Mute, the future-set film he wrote several years ago and has called “a dark, dirty thriller.” Read More »


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Duncan Jones Mute

Even as he puts the finishing touches on Warcraft, Duncan Jones is already looking ahead to his next project. And though Warcraft represented a step forward for him in some ways (it’s certainly his biggest film in terms of budget) it seems he’s eager to go back to a project he’s been working on for some time already.

Jones has hinted that he wants to take another crack at Mute, a Blade Runner-esque sci-fi project set in Berlin. If that sounds vaguely familiar, that may be because he’s been talking about it on and off for years — since before Moon was even released, in fact. Hit the jump to read Jones’s comments and learn more about his potential next film.

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A couple years ago, it looked like Duncan Jones might follow up his debut feature, Moon, with a sci-fi film called Mute. Set in futuristic Berlin, the script follows a mute bartender looking for his abducted girlfriend. Comparisons were made to Blade Runner, and some script reviews praised the visual detail implied by the script. But financing turned out to be difficult to come by, and the director signed on to make Source Code instead. Now, with that film almost in theaters, people are asking about the next film for Duncan Jones.

At one point he suggested that Mute might become a graphic novel before anything else — shades of Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain — and now he says that is definitely the plan. Read More »

One of the most promising young filmmakers out there today, Duncan Jones, hasn’t even released his second film yet but he’s already starting to think about the follow-up. After his phenomenal debut film Moon, Jones is about ready to let us all enter the Source Code on April 15 with Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan. And while there had been much talk (and concept art and script reviews) that would suggest Mute would be Jones’ next film, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In an interview with We Got This Covered, Jones revealed that Mute is in “limbo” and he wants his next film to be his homage to Blade Runner. “It will be a city based future film,” Jones said. Read what happened to Mute and more about this “city based future film” after the jump. Read More »

Script Review: Duncan Jones’ Mute

ScriptShadow has a review of the screenplay for Mute, the sci-fi noir project that Moon director Duncan Jones has been developing with Mike Johnson for the last few years. You may recall that Jones recently signed on to direct Source Code, with Jake Gyllenhaal attached to star. Jones had commented on Twitter that he decided to put Mute on hold because he got an offer he couldn’t refuse, and that Mute is a “hard sell” in this economy. And now we know more.

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Duncan Jones’ Mute Faces Financing Difficulties


Ever since seeing Duncan Jones‘ indie feature directorial debut Moon, I’ve been waiting to see what he would do next, when he has a bigger budget and more resources. And we’ve been closely following every little detail of Jones’ next, a sci-fi thriller Mute, which has often been compared to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Now Duncan has told The Age that Mute is “mired in financing difficulties,” although the piece says that Jones is “sanguine about events.”

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[Update: Duncan Jones has now supplied us with a hi-res version of the same image and you can see it below the break. This version reveals more of the text – the sign can now be seen to read Fremde Traume, or Foreign Dreams and it is very clearly a strip club. Take a good look at the figures in the door way too. Is that a straightjacket? Somebody is definitely gripping a hold of somebody else’s neck, perhaps with a device of some kind… what’s going on in this scene?]

The first piece of concept art released online for Duncan Jones‘ sci-fi thriller Mute has popped up and, unsurprisingly, it has something of a Blade Runner vibe. This is one part unsurprising as young Mr. Jones has made it abundantly clear how much a fan of Ridley Scott and the seminal work of future noir he is and another one part unsurprising as he’s explicitly compared Mute to Blade Runner himself.

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Following after the break is a nice, meaty interview with Duncan Jones, conducted in his ‘bijou’ office in central London. Despite it being quite an unorthodox request, he agreed to meet me there, let me set up the camera and chat casually to him for around an hour about whatever took my fancy, Moon-related or otherwise. One of the things I’m not able to show you in the video is the full shelf of scripts that Duncan has been sent as potential projects and there’s no way I could name any of them – well, okay, one of them, because a script for his likely-to-be-next film, Mute was on the shelf too – but I will tell you, any of these films would be blessed to get Duncan on board.

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