moviepass gotti

MoviePass‘s business strategy continues to confound all of us. The ticket-buying service’s sustainability has always been in question since it dropped its prices to the popular $10 a month, but MoviePass was not content to simply disrupt the moviegoing industry. It had to get behind the scenes as well. Cue the perplexing venture into distribution, of which MoviePass has seen some success and some failures. And the one big, public failure with the meager box office returns of Gotti, in particular, maybe even worse for MoviePass than we realized.

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MoviePass Subscriber Numbers

Even though analysts predicted the end of MoviePass back in April, possibly before the end of the summer blockbuster season, the movie ticket subscription service is still going.

MoviePass has announced their consumer base has officially crossed 3 million paying subscribers since dropping their price to $9.95 a month (sometimes lower with special offers). And for those doubting that MoviePass will still be around after this summer, it seems like they’re trying to boost the confidence of their subscribers by estimating they’ll hit 5 million subscribers by the end of the year. Read More »

A MoviePass Family Plan is on the Way

MoviePass Family Plan

MoviePass must’ve realized it’s been a few days since people were talking about them, so they’ve gone and added something new to their ever-changing theater subscription service. A MoviePass Family Plan is on the way which will enable families of up to four people to purchase all tickets at once, under one account.

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Moviepass lawsuit

MoviePass is now getting into film production. The ticket-buying service continues to expand its baffling business ventures by producing original films through a new distribution and production company MoviePass Films.

The new division comes out of a deal brokered with the film production company Emmett Furla Oasis Films. MoviePass’s parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics has acquired the company and its slate of past and current films, which includes titles like Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg, Escape Plan with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Martin Scorsese’s Silence.

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MoviePass monthly plan

Thousands of subscribers flocked to MoviePass when it drastically dropped its prices last year and offered what seemed like an impossibly good deal: one movie per day for $9.95 a month. But nearly a year after the ticket-buying service began offering that popular MoviePass monthly plan, it seemed like that miraculous deal was dead. The company recently removed its “one movie a day” option, offering new users four movies a month instead — along with free iHeartRadio access. Naturally, this sparked a major uproar and more grumblings about MoviePass’s questionable business strategy.

Now, a few weeks later, MoviePass is reverting to its superior “one movie a day” plan. Sorry, iHeartRadio fans.

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Moviepass lawsuit

MoviePass keeps making us jump through hoops so we can go to movie theaters on the cheap. But the question is: how many hoops are we willing to jump through?

MoviePass could make users upload pictures of their ticket stub after they make their purchase, or risk termination of their account. MoviePass ticket photos are currently being rolled out with a few users to “test” user behavior, but may soon be a user-wide feature. And that’s not all. MoviePass are now making it so users can only see a movie once.

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Moviepass package

MoviePass, the subscription service that allows subscribers to see one movie per day in theaters for a monthly cost of $9.95, may be drastically changing its offerings to new users. The company’s CEO recently spoke to an interviewer at CinemaCon, and one of his comments has sparked speculation that the popular “one movie per day” MoviePass package may not be offered again. Read More »

Movie Ticket Subscription Service - Theater

MoviePass continues to grow, with over 2 million subscribers paying $9.95 (or less) a month to see one movie every day in theaters. It’s an incredible bargain, but it’s one that has seen MoviePass hemorrhaging money to the tune of $150 million in 2017. Some think MoviePass won’t last, but the company has their sights set on continuing to grow their customer base and selling the valuable consumer data about their movie habits that comes with it.

Though MoviePass may be good for the consumer, it’s certainly rubbing movie theater chains and distributors the wrong way. Even though they’re being paid the full price for movie tickets bought with MoviePass, they’re worried that the service will go under, leaving all the customers who were flocking to movies more often demanding to pay equally low prices for their tickets. They’re also worried about having to strike a deal with MoviePass that would have them give up part of their ticket or concession sales. So what are the movie theaters trying to do to counter those fears? Create their own subscription service, of course. Read More »

MoviePass Losing Money

MoviePass is still shaking up the movie industry. With over 2 million subscribers racked up for their service, which provides one free movie ticket to users each day for the low price of $9.95 a month (or lower for some new subscribers who caught the right promotional deal), the service is pushing more people into theaters than otherwise would be buying tickets.

However, since MoviePass has such a large consumer base paying a low price for a service that costs less than even a single movie ticket in most markets, the company is hemorrhaging money. When the service skyrocketed to popularity in 2017, it resulted in owner Helios & Matheson losing $150.8 million, which is a significant bit higher than the $7.4 million loss that the company reported before the acquisition of MoviePass. Should subscribers be worried that MoviePass won’t last? Read More »

Moviepass moviefone

MoviePass wants to become your one-stop shop when it comes to going to the movie theater. The movie theater subscription service has already gotten the ticket-buying market cornered — to the joy of some and the chagrin of others in the industry — and now it wants to become a source of movie reviews.

The recent MoviePass Moviefone acquisition raised some eyebrows when it made headlines last week, since Moviefone’s assets seemed to overlap with what MoviePass already offered. But MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe revealed that he has more ambitious plans in mind than simply offering movie listings.

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