Disney and Pixar’s choices of venue to showcase the first footage from their June release, Monsters University, was incredibly telling. They chose the University of Southern California on Saturday November 24, which just so happened to be the day of the school’s biggest football game of the year, against the #1 team in the country, the University of Notre Dame. Every inch of the campus was crawling with tailgaters: older fans and alumni, drunk students, a marching band and more. It was an eclectic cross section of what we perceive through the words “the college experience.”

Inside the theater, the footage showcased the Pixar version of that experience. In Monsters University, a prequel to 2001’s Monsters Inc., Mike and Sulley’s long-standing friendship gets off to a rocky start as rivals at the title university. But when they’re forced to team up and join a brand new frat, their new friends are just like those USC fans: some older, some younger, and all pretty crazy.

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Is it time to look ahead to 2013 already? After the jump:

  • The Hangover 3 will shoot in Orange County, CA
  • Paul Walker is recovering from a Fast Six injury
  • Monsters Inc.‘s Mike is Billy Crystal‘s favorite role
  • Liam Neeson collected $10 million for Taken 2
  • Matt Damon probably won’t play Bourne again
  • Roberto Orci defends the one-second Star Trek clip
  • Over-the-hill movie stars team up in Red 2 set photos
  • See a new photo from Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

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‘Monsters, Inc. 3D’ Trailer and Poster

Most years, we’re lucky if we get one Pixar release. This year, we’re getting three — it’s just that two of them are re-releases of older titles. The only new film, Brave, debuted over the summer, but both Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc. are getting the post-converted 3D treatment for theatrical release over the next few months.

Now a new trailer and poster have been revealed for the latter, which really tells you nothing new about the movie but might be worth checking out anyway if you enjoy cute things. More after the jump.

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Briefly: For those who can’t wait to see the 3D version of Monsters Inc., there’s now one less month to wait. Disney and Pixar have pulled the 3D re-release forward from January 18, 2013 to Wednesday December 19, 2012. That means there will be only three months between the 3D Finding Nemo re-release and this new Monsters date.

That seems like an ambitious schedule for Disney, but the Monsters re-release will hit at a key moviegoing time, and also prime audiences for the June 21, 2013 release of the prequel, Monsters University. [Deadline]

Pixar films ranked

The release of Inside Out is an invitation to revisit all the films from Pixar, going back to the studio’s 1995 debut Toy Story. That movie changed the landscape of feature animation with stunning immediacy; after Pixar hit the scene nothing was the same. The twenty years since have given us a total of fifteen animated films from the studio, and we can’t resist the urge to do a little comparison between them. Read our own Pixar ranking, below.
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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

In the Summer of 1994, while deep in production on their first feature film Toy Story, the key Pixar creatives (including John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter and Joe Ranft) had a now famous lunch in a diner called Hidden City Cafe in Point Richmond. During this lunch meeting they ended up brainstorming the ideas that eventually became the films A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo and WALL-E. The story has become mythical, a part of film animation legend and a cornerstone moment in Pixar’s history. It was even featured in the teaser trailer for Andrew Stanton‘s WALL-E.

Sadly, the cafe has closed its doors after over 20 years of service, with unconfirmed reports that it was shut down for rats (Ratatouille anyone?).
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Disney has released the teaser trailer for Pixar’s Monsters Inc prequel Monsters University. The film takes us back to when Mike and Sully were in school learning how to scare. Its Pixar’s version of a college comedy, and the teaser trailer gives us a glimpse at some of the partying and pranks we might expect. The trailer will be presented in 3D, attached to Pixar’s Brave this Friday. But you can watch it now, embedded after the jump. And to complicate things, Disney has released the trailer in four different variations. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Video remix artist Pogo has been remixing films into music for a four years now. He has concentrated mostly on animated films, and has done a number of Pixar adaptations: the Up-inspired Upular, the Toy Story-inspired Toyz Noize and Buzzwings, and others.

The latest, “Boo Bass”, was composed using chords, bass notes and vocal samples from the Pete Docter-directed computer animated film Monsters, Inc.. Watch the video embedded after the jump. You can download the mp3 on Pogomix.com.

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Mondo has done a series for Star Wars, they’re still releasing posters for Star Trek, they have several different Director’s Series running and just yesterday they announced they’ll be doing a series for Jurassic Park. Not to outdo themselves, but Thursday they announced yet another ongoing series of posters: Pixar movies. The first poster, Monsters Inc. by the great Tom Whalen, goes on sale Friday. Check it out after the jump. Read More »

Pixar’s Monsters Inc prequel Monsters University tells the story of how Mike Wazowski and Sulley became friends during their college years at scare school. This weekend at D23 Expo, we learned a lot more about the project. Hit the jump to read the ten things we learned about Monsters University, and even see some unfinished concept renderings of what young Mike and Sulley will look like in the movie.
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