While the East Coast hunkers down for the worst of Hurricane Sandy, Hollywood luminary Joss Whedon is looking farther ahead to another sign of the coming end times: the zombie apocalypse. And he knows just the way to bring it about, too.

In a last-minute push to help get out the vote, Whedon has released an ad promoting Republican Mitt Romney as the right choice for president. Surprised? You shouldn’t be — Whedon’s a known horror aficionado, and as he points out, it’s the former governor’s “purity of vision” that will help speed up our inevitable takeover by undead brain-eaters. Watch his very convincing video after the jump.

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Ellen Burstyn gets political, while Mitt Romney goes Hollywood. After the jump:

  • Ellen Burstyn is Sigourney Weaver’s mom in Politcal Animals
  • Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney could cameo on SNL
  • Relax: Maggie Smith is not leaving Downton Abbey yet
  • DirecTV and Starz renew their distribution deal
  • A first look at the cast of Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom
  • … the premiere of which will feature Jesse Eisenberg’s voice
  • The first episode of HBO’s new comedy¬†Girls is now online
  • True Blood unveils a playful new teaser for Season 5
  • Fringe¬†has shot two different endings, in case it gets cancelled

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