Yup, that’s Michael Giacchino striking the goofy pose in the header image, but don’t let the silliness fool you — he’s one of the hottest film and TV composers working today, and one of the main reasons you should be excited about the rest of this post. After the jump:

  • Listen to ten minutes of Michael Giacchino’s score for John Carter
  • Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained could be getting an unusual take on Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”
  • Wes Anderson reunites with Fantastic Mr. Fox composer Alexandre Desplat for Moonrise Kingdom
  • The Artist ponders a concert tour with live orchestra

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Q&A: How Does A Pixar Short Film Get Made?

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how Pixar develops and produces their feature animated films, but we’ve learned very little about how the beloved short films get created. So I decided it was time we find out. I shot a message over to Enrico Casarosa, the director of Pixar’s next short film La Luna, who was happy to shed some light on the process.  “How Does A Pixar Short Film Get Made?” Find out, after the jump.
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Here’s the first reliable news we’ve had in some time on the sequel to Paramount’s 2009 Star Trek. Studios have been doing some release date shifting today and with Sony pushing Roland Emmerich’s delayed Singularity back to November 2013, Paramount has moved to grab the vacated May 17 2013 date for Star Trek 2.

So the movie that J.J. Abrams will direct based on a script by Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci will be in prime tentpole position for the summer season in 2013. And the report is that the film will be made in 3D, though we’ve got no other real info on that point just yet. Just imagine all the lens flare with an added visual dimension!

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Going to big conventions is a lot of fun until a few days later and you hear what you missed. Recently, this happened at Comic Con when I heard what happened at the Lost panel. Speaking of Lost, that show’s composer, Michael Giacchino, apparently had an amazing panel at the D23 Expo. Which we missed. Giacchino’s panel, The Music of Pixar, unfortunately ran up against Disney’s epic movie panel but, thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can now all watch the Oscar-winning composer talk about his inspiration, and music for, the Pixar films The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up and Cars 2. We’ve got the full panel embedded after the jump. Read More »

In June 2011, I attended a discussion between filmmaker JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias, Super 8, Star Trek, MI3) and composer Michael Giacchino (Lost, Up, The Incredibles, Star Trek, Let Me In) at the Hammer Museum. The event was actually pretty cool, part of the museum’s “Hammer Conversation” series which pairs two artists together to talk to each other about their careers and art without a moderator. The hour and a half long conversation is interesting and entertaining, and brings new light to the collaboration of these two filmmakers. Watch the video embedded after the jump.

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‘Super 8′ Easter Eggs

JJ Abrams is obsessed with mystery, and often hides a lot of easter eggs in his films and tv shows. In the past we’ve chronicled easter eggs in the Pixar movies Toy Story 3, WALL-E, and Up, as well as some other films. So it should come as no surprise that his latest movie, Super 8, is also packed with fun hidden bits.

For example: Did you know that Leonard Nimoy appars in the movie? How about that another one of JJ’s Star Trek stars plays “the monster”? Did you spot the references to Lost, Alias and The Twilight Zone? After the jump I’ve compiled 16 hidden easter eggs which can be found in the movie.

Be warned: for those of you who havent seen the film yet, the following article may contain spoilers.

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FixiousMaximus decided to replace the original score in Toy Story 3‘s climactic junk yard scene with Michael Giacchino‘s music from the television series Lost. You might be surprised at just how well Giacchino’s compositions work within the scene. Watch it now embedded after the jump. (Of course, if you have yet to see the movie, this climactic scene contains obvious spoilers – you have been warned.)

When I screened an early cut of Toy Story 3 at ShoWest, Pixar still had temp music in this sequence from Terminator 2. More times than not, ideas from temp score end up making it into the final cut of the film. You may have noticed that tT\he metal clashing sounds from that film actually influenced the final score in the film.

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Michael Giacchino has personally solved the problem of unemployment in America: just win an Oscar for Best Original Score. After Giacchino’s 2010 Oscar win for his amazing score to Up, the composer behind Star Trek and Lost has more jobs than a normal person would know what to do with. He just finished Let Me In, we already found out he will be scoring Andrew Stanton’s John Carter of Mars, but now we have official confirmation that he’s currently scoring Cars 2 for John Lasseter and Pixar, followed by Super 8 and Mission: Impossible 4 for frequent collaborators J.J. Abrams and Brad Bird respectively. He’s also “adapting John Williams’ themes for the refreshed Star Tours ride at Disneyland.” And that’s not even everything on the man’s plate. Find out what else he’s scoring, and more, after the break. Read More »

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