Methuselah Movie - Tom Cruise

After dabbling in a number of sci-fi movies likeĀ Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow while also continuing his penchant for old-fashioned action and adventure with the Mission: Impossible and Jack Reacher franchises, Tom Cruise is getting ready to head back, way back, to the past.

Tom Cruise has been slated to lead Methuselah, a Biblical tale following the title character who was said to live 969 years according to the Hebrew Bible. Find out more about theĀ Methuselah movie after the jump. Read More »


Variety have the announcement of James Watkins‘ next. The writer-director describes Methuselah as “an adrenalized thriller that has a bit of intelligence and resonance”. Here’s hoping – how many times have we been promised that but, then… well, we get a lot of adrenaline, I won’t question that.

The title refers to the biblical character who lived for a millennium, give or take, before getting drowned in the great flood. In the film’s screenplay, the character is a man who has aged so slowly he’s been around long enough to hone his “incredible set of survival skills” but is still young enough to be typical leading man material. Will he drown at the end? I don’t think so – this smacks of franchise launching.

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