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What lengths is Fox going to to promote Gotham at Comic-Con? Does the new Aquaman animated movie have a title? Want to watch Michael Douglas talk Ant-Man and Comic-Con? Did something historic happen on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? How much changed in older verisons of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 script? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »


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Has the May 2016 Marvel movie been revealed? Did the Fantastic Four director comment on recent rumors? Who has been cast in Max Steel? Can you now get tickets to Marvel Universe Live? What did Kevin Smith have to say about Ben Affleck‘s Batsuit? Does Drew Pearce have an update on Runaways? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »


Assuming that the majority of this information is valid, there are going to be about two dozen worth of news stories crammed in one here, so brace yourselves.

According to a leaked email exposing Paramount’s upcoming movie slate, they’re going to be pretty busy over the next few years, working on a slew of potentially promising projects that are either set to go ahead or awaiting further script developments. Find out which of their films you have to look forward to after the break. Read More »


Taylor Lautner‘s business people have been great about attaching him to a series of films in the wake of New Moon‘s outrageous success. The sum total of all the efforts has been to push his level of exposure and price tag higher and higher. But something had to give, and while it seemed like Lautner would be able to make several of the films he was attached to, a few are gradually falling away. He won’t do the ‘junior Top Gun‘ film Northern Lights, for one. The latest is Max Steel, which has been dumped in favor of Stretch Armstrong. Read More »


UPDATE: Nikki Finke says this is a done deal; Paramount has hired Lautner and is going full-steam ahead with the film. Original article follows.

You knew something like this had to happen: with the runaway success of New Moon, shirtless jailbait Taylor Lautner is naturally going to be the object of many a producer’s casting  aspirations. The first picture to lock him up could well be Max Steel, an adaptation of the toy line and animated series that Paramount is putting together. Could be worse, right? He could be cast in a project that you care about. Read More »

Paramount To Make Max Steel Movie

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We mentioned in Page 2last week that Paramount Pictures had acquired the rights to develop a movie based on the Mattel action figure and animated series Max Steel. We stuck the story in Page 2 because we didn’t have any more details at the time, but now that the official trades story has broken, we have some new details.
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