Slamdance: Spooner Movie Trailer

If you’ve been reading /Film for a while, then you know that I’m a sucker for coming of age films and quirky indie relationship dramedies (how 2004 of me, I know…), . Drake DoremusSpooner, which premieres at the 2009 Slamdance Film Festival, falls into category two. Matthew Lillard plays a used car salesman named Herman Spooner, who still lives at home with his parents. The official plot synopsis follows:

“Spooner is fairly set in his unfulfilling routine, but turning 30 marks a hard deadline set by his mom (Kate Burton) and dad (Christopher McDonald) to get a place of his own. To top it off, Spooner’s boss (Shea Whigham) is putting on the pressure to bring in some numbers, or face the chopping block. Headed for one of the worst days of his life, Spooner meets the girl of his dreams, Rose (Nora Zehetner). Forgoing all other priorities, Spooner is now working on winning her heart, but on their perfect date, she breaks the news that she is about to leave for the Philippines.”

The film festival promotional trailer is embedded after the jump.

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American Summer Movie Trailer

American Summer

From the producer of American Pie and the director of American Pie 2 comes American Summer, which is actually completely unrelated the the aforementioned franchise. AICN called the movie the “American Pie version of Risky Business.” The story follows uptight Harvard bound Alex Sperling (Brett Davern), who after a summer internship unexpectedly falls through, has no other option but to work for his supposedly successful cousin Roger (Matthew Lillard).

“Unfortunately, Alex discovers that Roger is a down-on-his-luck pool boy just days away from complete financial ruin.  But Roger has a possible solution-team up with his call-girl neighbor to start an elite escort business.  When the company unexpectedly succeeds despite the increasingly crazy clients, the trio must use their brains and their escorts to get out of the mess and get Alex back on the road to Harvard.”

Also starring Rachelle Lefevre of Twilight fame, Efren Ramirez of Napoleon Dynamite fame, George Takei of Star Trek, Heroes and Howard Stern Show fame, ad Tom Arnold as himself. They are shopping the film for domestic distribution at Cannes. Check out the Cannes movie trailer below thanks to our friends at Collider.

[flv: 470 264]

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