creed single shot

I think most of us can agree that Creed is one of the best movies of this Holiday season, if not the entire year. Its not just a nostalgia sequel/spin-off as some have written it off as, but a great movie. And since seeing the film two weeks ago there is one sequence which I can’t get out of my head, Adonis’s first professional match as a boxer which is presented in one single shot. Was it really one single take, or was it cleverly stitched together like the scenes were in Birdman? Find out how the Creed single shot boxing sequence was accomplished, after the jump.

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indie spirits 2009

The 2009 Independent Spirit Awards were held last night, celebrating the best of the best independent films that were released over the last year. I love the Indie Spirits because it gives you a great bunch of indie selections to seek out. Films that might be just out of reach for the Academy Awards like The Wackness, Medicine for Melancholy and The Signal get recognition through nominations. The big news is that Darren Aronofsky‘s The Wrestler took home Best Picture, Best Male Lead (Mickey Rourke) and Best Cinematography (Maryse Alberti). Check out the full list of winners after the jump.

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