A ‘Married… With Children’ Spinoff Is in the Works

Married With Children spinoff

The Bundys and the Tanners were polar opposites back in the day, but now they have one big thing in common: Both are being resurrected for modern TV. Sony Pictures TV is reportedly working on a spinoff of Married… With Children, centered around awkward son Bud Bundy (Dave Faustino). Hit the jump for more details on the Married With Children spinoff.

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In today’s TV Bits, Uma Thurman puts on her dancing shoes and Charlie Sheen comes back from the dead. After the jump:

  • AMC picks up another Robert Kirkman comic, Thief of Thieves
  • Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management gets a new teaser
  • Uma Thurman does her best Marilyn impression for Smash
  • Fox revisits the first episode of its first show, Married… With Children
  • NBC unveils some concept art for its Munsters reboot

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Kagan McLeod created this illustration featuring the mant actors and actresses from the past years of multi-camera sitcom history. How many of the 50 characters do you reccognize? Answer key on the National Post.