After being thought dead for quite some time, the new English-language version of Oldboy is really happening under the direction of Spike Lee. His hire was confirmed yesterday via a press release, and the language of the release made the project, which is based on a script by Mark Protosevich, sound as if it is more¬† a direct remake of the Park Chan-wook film than an adaptation of the original Japanese manga that inspired the movie. (We’d once heard that the US version would be based more off the manga than the film.)

Now Twitch, which was first on the scene with the report of Spike Lee’s involvement, says that we can expect to see something that is related to the original Oldboy film in a similar way in which The Departed was to Infernal Affairs. Read More »


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Spike Lee Confirmed to Direct ‘Oldboy’

Big day for Spike Lee. First he started shooting a new film, rumored to be called Red Hook Summer, and now Mandate Pictures has sent out a press release confirming the recent report that he’ll direct the remake of Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy. (Nice work on that scoop, Twitch!) Get the info from Mandate below. There isn’t a lot of new detail, but the confirmation is good. Read More »

Will Spike Lee Direct an ‘Oldboy’ Remake?

I can’t decide if this is the best news we could possibly have with respect to a new version of Oldboy, or merely the most unexpected. It is certainly an intriguing idea, however. Spike Lee has just been talking about how he can’t get a movie financed — after Miracle at St. Anna no one even wants to make a sequel to Inside Man, which did quite well. But now there is this report, which says that Spike Lee is in talks to direct the long-rumored remake of Oldboy. Read More »

Rumors of a fourth Jurassic Park movie have come and gone for years, but with the latest report it seems like a new film in the series is more likely than ever. A quick recap of the stories about the sequel: Joe Johnston, who directed the third film as well as this summer’s Captain America, was once thought to be the director, but said in 2007 that he would not make the film. (Prior to that, Steven Spielberg said that if Johnston didn’t make the movie, he would.) There have been fake scripts, weird rumors (dinosaurs with guns) and loads of fan-created images.

After Jurassic Park creator Michael Crichton died, producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy suggested they might just leave the series at three films. But rumors persisted, and a new comic book series was put into motion.

Now Steven Spielberg has been meeting with writer Mark Protosevich (Thor, and the scrapped Oldboy remake) about ideas for Jurassic Park 4. Read More »

One of the biggest potential remake projects of the past couple years was the much-derided Steven Spielberg / Will Smith version of Oldboy. Never mind that their film was said to be a new adaptation of the original manga, rather than a straight remake of Park Chan-Wook‘s widely praised (and quite excellent) film. The remake was proclaimed dead many months ago and fans cheered.

Did they cheer too soon? Pajiba has tweeted that Mandate Pictures is high on a new draft that Mark Protosevich is ready to turn in, and that it will go out to Steven Spielberg, Matthew Vaughn and, should they pass, Danny Boyle. Read More »


The San Diego Comic Con is a giant tangle of new publications, and it can be difficult to sort out the good from the bad. One title I came across on the last day of the con (the only time I got to wander the show floor at my own pace) was Freakshow, from writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing and artist Joe Suitor.

And I’m glad I did because, for one, I enjoyed the book, and having read it I’ve got a better frame of reference from which to talk about the fact that I Am Legend and Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich has optioned the comic. He’ll write the script, and it may become his directorial debut. Read More »

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I’m surprised it has taken this long after the release of Mass Effect 2 for a deal like this to go down: Legendary Pictures has picked up the rights to the BioWare game series Mass Effect. I Am Legend and Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich has been assigned to write. Read More »

Marvel Studios Starts Shooting Thor in January


This is basically TweetNews confirming a plan that was mentioned in May. Last night, Production Weekly said over Twitter that Marvel Studios would begin shooting Thor in January. With Kenneth Branagh‘s tale of the Norse thunder god on schedule and finally about to go before cameras, hopefully we’ll soon see some production design, costumes and other materials. Meanwhile, here’s a rundown of what we know so far. Read More »


Fox have option the non-fiction book The World Without Us, with the view that it will become a fictionalised, sci-fi tentpole movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter they have Mark Protosevich attached to write, and Francis Lawrence to eventually direct the film.

Alan Weisman‘s original book was Time Magazine’s number-one non fiction pick for 2007, and we all know what perfect taste they have in making such lists. It deals with a simple but profound feat of imagination, exploring how Earth would “respond without the relentless pressure of human presence”. Weisman even went so far as to label Chapter 9, Polymers Are Forever, with a Read this Chapter! tag, so important are its lessons.

So… how would Protosevich and Lawrence go about churning hundreds of millions of dollars of popcorn¬† out of an ecological hypothesis?

Read More »