The Steve Carell / Ryan Gosling comedy that may or may not be called Crazy, Stupid Love is quickly adding actors. I Love You, Philip Morris directors John Requa and Glen Ficarra have already nabbed Emma Stone and Julianne Moore, and now they’re bringing in ex-figure skater Analeigh Tipton. She’s been part of America’s Next Top Model and will be seen in The Green Hornet later this year.

Film has Carell and Moore as a married couple who start divorce proceedings when she confesses an affair. Depressed, Carell meets Gosling’s character, who offers to help him get back in the game with women. Meanwhile, Carell’s son is in love with his babysitter (Tipton), who has a thing for Carell. Meanwhile, Gosling has struck out with Emma Stone, who eventually factors back into the story. [Variety]

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Not a lot of cast announcements this week, as Sundance has a great deal of Hollywood on hold. But there’s one big story and a handful of small ones to report. The big one is that Will Ferrell is reportedly going to star in a remake of I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single. That’s a French film from 2006, and in this version Ferrell would play “a 40-something bachelor whose seven sisters and mom try to force him to get married, prompting him to ask a friend’s sister to leave him at the altar so that everyone will leave him alone.” No writer or director is yet on board. [Pajiba]

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New Image from Disney’s Rapunzel

Rapunzel have a new photo from Disney Animation’s Rapunzel, scanned from French movie magazine Studio Cinelive. Check out the full uncropped image after the jump.

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An official announcement about the casting of Disney’s Rapunzel has been somewhat overshadowed by a spectacular Toy Story 3 reveal. We’ll do those in escalating order of genius, and then round up a whole heap of other Disney Pixar tidbits from their big presentation held this morning in London.
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Southland Tales Movie Trailer

Southland Tales Logo

Since the now infamous Cannes Film Festival screening which resulted in a wave of bad buzz like never seen before, Richard Kelly has been trying to do damage control on his sophomore effort, a follow-up his hit cult first film Donnie Darko. Southland Tales has been re-cut, enhanced with new special effects (which evident in the trailer are not too impressive), and is said to be a totally different movie. And now finally, the movie trailer has hit the web, and it’s everything I hoped the movie might look like. Call me a fanboy, but I want to love this movie. There has been some recent conversation in the comments on this site about the differences between bloggers and critics, and I think that’s one of them. Critics are paid to be critical. Bloggers are paid to be fans. And when things go wrong, they are allowed to be unrelentingly honest about a film, star, director or writer (I’ve even received a few e-mails that I can print from actors, writers, and directors that took issue with some of my comments). But the truth is, most of the bloggers want to see a movie like Resident Evil 3 (sadly, we helped promote the film, but Sony has shut all media out in hopes of keeping the bad buzz from hitting you guys). I know, this is a rant for another time, another post.

I’m really looking forward to Richard Kelly’s new film. I really dig the great Pixies song used in the trailer (Wave of Mutilation), the Moby soundtrack and the play against the famous TS Eliot quote: “This is how the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.” I’ve even read the prequel graphic novels, which I can highly recommend. I don’t see how this film could make sense if you didn’t read them. And maybe that was the problem with the Cannes screening. Check out the new trailer for yourself after the jump.

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New Southland Tales Movie Poster Sucks

Southland Tales

Cinematical has posted the new theatrical poster for Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, and it doesn’t look good.

Don’t get me wrong. I want Southland Tales to be good. Even if it isn’t good, I want it to make money just because I feel Richard Kelly somehow deserves it. But when a movie distributor clearly has no idea how to sell a film, or starts using deceptive marketing materials, that is usually a sure sign that the film will fail at the box office. This poster has too much going on, and gives me no indication of what this movie is about. The double poster layout is confusing, and the film’s stars are clearly in focus to attract an audience that might not otherwise enter into such a film. It seems like something that would be devised by a marketing department for the DVD release of a failed theatrical movie (Donnie Darko anyone?).

Check out the new poster after the jump.

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Someone sent us some new photos from Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales. But first some news for Mandy Moore fans: A month ago Mandy Moore made a comment, wondering if she still appeared in the movie, after director Richard Kelly announced that the film had undergone major reedits:

“I play The Rock’s wife in the movie, if I’m still in the movie at all,” Moore told Sci-Fi. “They had to cut it down so much, and maybe they just cut out my character altogether.”

Mandy Moore fans need not worry, Kelly has confirmed:

“Mandy Moore is still very much in the film… and very little of her role was cut.”

Okay, now for the photos. The first one can be seen above the news story and shows Justin Timberlake and is titled “All These Things I’ve Done”. We’ll continue with more after the jump.

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What We Missed: Dedication Movie Trailer


Dedication Movie PosterThe new movie trailer for Dedication came out while we were away from the real world at a place called Comic-Con). Dedication is a new independent romantic comedy about a misogynistic children’s book author (Billy Crudup) who is forced to work closely with a female illustrator (Moore) instead of his long-time collaborator and only friend (Tom Wilkinson).

“I’ve never been good at finding things. I’ve always been good at losing things.”

The Weinstein Co nabbed the film at Sundance this year. I heard some descent buzz for the film at the festival, but was unable to find a convenient open slot for a screening. A couple weeks ago, TWC released a movie poster for the film, which I really dug. The trailer has shades of Garden State and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Check it out after the jump.

I’m a sucker for Mandy Moore films. Call it a crush. But even Moore can’t save a horrible mess of a film, which was evident in Because I Say So and License To Wed. So the question now becomes: Did Moore star in two or three bombs in 2007? We’ll find out.

Dedication is scheduled to hit theaters on August 24th 2007.

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Dedication Movie Poster

Dedication Movie PosterThe Weinstein Co has released the theatrical movie poster for Dedication, the new romantic comedy starring Mandy Moore and Billy Crudup. I heard some descent buzz for the film at Sundance, where Weinstein and First Look purchased the film for $4 million. The movie follows a misogynistic children’s book author (Crudup) who is forced to work closely with a female illustrator (Moore) instead of his long-time collaborator and only friend (Tom Wilkinson). The poster has shades of Squid and the Whale and Year of the Dog, but since the story involves a children’s book illustrator, it makes more sense.

I’m a sucker for Mandy Moore films. Call it a crush. But even Moore can’t save a horrible mess of a film, which is evident in Because I Say So and License To Wed. So the question now becomes: Did Moore star in two or three bombs in 2007? We’ll find out. Considering the film is actor Justin Theroux’s directorial debut, I’m not expecting much.

Dedication is scheduled to hit theaters on August 24th 2007. Check out the full poster courtesy of cinematical, after the jump.

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License to Wed Movie Poster and Production Photos

License to Wed Movie PosterI love Mandy Moore, but what has happened to her film career as of late? She had a great run of teen films. She even elevated to some really interesting issue based comedies (Saved! and American Dreamz). Her latest effort, Because I Said So, was unwatchable. It was marketed towards the teen/college crowd, but in reality the film was for the Over-40 woman demographic.

Robin Williams has also had a good run of clunkers as of late (Happy Feet being the only exception. And don’t give me RV and Night at the Museum made money. Money does not mean quality). So it makes perfect sense that the two stars would team up for their next film, License to Wed. And if Warner Bros had any faith in this film, why did they give it a July 4th release date? I mean, going head to head with Michael Bay’s live action big screen adaptation of Transformers doesn’t mean the film is doomed… right? I hear the movie trailer will probably be attached to In The Land of Women, which hits theaters Friday. Expect to see it online soon.

Warner Bros has sent us over the new Theatrical movie poster for the film, seen right. Click on the image for a better view at Mandy Moore’s sour face. You can find 20 production photos and the official plot synopsis after the jump.

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