Update (04/01/08): JoBlo reports via a reader who attended the same event as Bloody Disgusting that Danny Trejo said that Robert Rodriguez may “start up again” on Machete as early as this month. More on this as/if it develops…

Gore hounds and knife show infomerical zombies, rejoice! In yet more machete-related news, Blood Disgusting ran into fanboy favorite Danny Trejo over the weekend and he gave the requisite Machete update. According to Mr. Trejo, not only is the first (and only?) Grindhouse spin-off movie still happening, but there’s been talk of a trilogy. Keeping in mind that the first pseudo-exploitation flick would go straight-to-DVD, three of them wouldn’t seem completely outside the realms of possibility/profitability. Can you imagine the stain a Machete box set would leave on your coffee table?

He didn’t elaborate much more, but did say that Robert Rodriguez will direct the first film as well as produce, hopefully once he finishes up an unspecified project. If you’re wondering what Machete would be about, stare hard at the image above and squirt ketchup all over your screen. As much as I loathed Once Upon a Time in Mexico and was dumbfounded by the can’t-walk-the-talk dilemma that was Planet Terror, it would be great to see Rodriguez jam econo on three low budget action films in the spirit of a seedier, more nihilistic El Marachi. More on Machete if it ever develops…

Discuss: Machete Triple Feature? Could you handle it?


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Machete Poster


Numerous sites are reporting that the following poster is A.) new; B.) significant proof that Robert Rodriguez‘s straight-to-DVD Machete movie is moving forward or completed; C.) proof that, in hindsight, Grindhouse was the scuzzy masterpiece promised to us; D.) wall-worthy.

Unlike the SAT, all of these bubble answers are wrong, even D.), which is wrong by default because you’d have to trek into the mall and into the store, the one where 12-year-olds “buy” Doc Martens and Sex Pistols piggy banks, to purchase the Machete poster to hang on your wall. Unless you waited outside of the mall for it to come to you, in which case, we’ll count D.) and you can proceed to university in Awesomeville. View the poster in digital form and then consider practicing your rusty noogie technique after the jump…

Update: 010101. This is the /Film Hunterbot. 0101. I cleanup after Hunter human’s inferior, convoluted human style. 01010 The Machete poster below serves the promotional purposes of a motion picture called Grindhouse and not a separate Machete motion picture as many Internet websites incorrectly posted yesterday. 0101. A human interested in purchasing the Machete poster to hang on a wall will need to enter a store called Hot Topic. 010101. The human called Hunter does not believe this to be a valid option fo humans aged 12 and over. 010101. Like Hunter human, Hunterbot did not like Grindhouse, either, but liked three of four of the motion picture’s trailers. 0101010101001. Hunterbot’s favorite book is Microserfs by Douglas Coupland. 0101101. Hunterbot will gladly take Hunter human’s position at /Film. 01010. ‘Kay? 010.

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On March 25th, we had the opportunity to talk with most of the stars and directors of Grindhouse. We will be posting the interviews leading up until the film’s release on April 6th 2007.

We sat down with Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill) and Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, From Dusk Till Dawn) to talk about their upcoming double feature.

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At SXSW, Robert Rodriguez announced a feature length Machete movie, based on the popular fake Grindhouse trailer. At this weekend’s Grindhouse junket we were able to grill Robert for more details on this new project.

“When I started doing the trailer and as soon as we started showing it to people they said we want to see this movie. Bob Weinstein even said that ‘I want to see that movie.’ So I thought we would probably make it then.  If audiences respond to it the way I think they might then I think we’ll make it.”

Quentin Tarantino jumped in:

“Robert pretty much has about 40 minutes of it anyway just from the trailers.  True grind house I’ll give him 6 more days to finish it out.”One of the things I love about it is well there is blacksploitation but in America there wasn’t a mexsploitation.  ‘Machete’ is definitely a mexsploitation film.

Robert explained, “When I wrote him [Danny Trejo] in 94 I thought he should be like Charles Bronson or Jean-Claude Van Damme and make a movie every year. He should be making his own mexslpoitation movies so I came up with this character ‘Machete’ for him.”
When asked if the film would be released theatrically, Robert replied:

“Yeah, I mean I am just going to go shoot it and then I will see what we do with it. “

The Sin City director previously revealed that a Machete screenplay is completely finished, and Danny Trejo is very excited to start filming

And when can we expect MACHETE? The movie would be filmed at the same time as Sin City 2 (tentatively set for early Summer 2007):

“It would be done at the same time.  It would have to come out when ‘Grindhouse’ comes out on DVD.”

Grindhouse will hit theaters on April 6th 2007.