‘Saw’ Director James Wan to Direct ‘MacGyver’

No, not MacGruber… MacGyver. The hit TV show, starring Richard Dean Anderson as a secret agent who didn’t like guns but DID like building improvised bombs and other clever homebrew options to escape from dangerous situations, is coming to theaters. Finally. Producers have been trying to make a MacGyver movie for some time, and the flat box office of parody takeoff MacGruber isn’t changing that.

Now the film is happening, with an unlikely director. James Wan, who helped create Saw, directed Insidious, and just finished The Conjuring for New Line, is being given more than a paperclip and stick of gun to cobble together an explosive update of the TV series. Now that I think about it, though, maybe the guy who helped create a horror series about a character who cobbles together fancy traps isn’t such a left-field choice for MacGyver. Read More »


With MacGruber set to hit theaters, Wanrer Bros/New Line is fast tracking development on a big screen adaptation of the hit television show MacGyver (development was first announced in March). Raffaella and Martha De Laurentiis are producing, along with series creator Lee Zlotoff.

Risky Business is reporting that Jason Richman has been hired to pen the script. Richman is a credited screenwriter on Bangkok Dangerous, Swing Vote, and Bad Company, while he did uncredited work on films including Black Hawk Down, Rush Hour 3, and the proposed Beverly Hills Cop 4. Besides BHD, Richman’s resume of films looks pretty poor if you ask me.

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If you’ve been reading /Film for a while, then you know my obsession with minimalistic movie poster design. We’ve featured many of these simple 2-4 color streamlined posters on the site in the past, but never anything having to do with television. Graphic artist Albert Exergian has created a bunch of minimalistic posters for some of television’s most popular shows. And while these aren’t as conceptually clever as what I’m used to, I can still appreciate many of these. I’ve included a sample after the jump. You can buy prints of many of these posters for £50.00 on Blanka.

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SNL to Make MacGruber Movie?


Saturday Night Live hasn’t produced a big screen movie in almost ten years (unless you somehow count Mean Girls, Hot Rod or Baby Mama, which were produced by Lorne Michaels). And probably for good reason. SNL hasn’t been relevant for nearly a decade, but in recent years has gotten a new life thanks to among other things, the addition of The Lonely Island crew.

And there was a short period of time when a Saturday Night Live movie wasn’t a bad thing. It’s hard to look beyond all the Ladies Mans, Superstars, Coneheads and Night at the Roxburys to see the one good film like Wayne’s World. And with a track record like that, should Saturday Night Live return to the motion picture business? Lorne Michaels tells The Hollywood Reporter that a feature film based on MacGruber is being considered.

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VOTD: Star Wars Macgyver Mash-Up

Kalleanka created this video mash-up which reimagines Star Wars as a 1980’s action tv show ala Macgyver. I don’t know about you guys, but I would totally watch this show. Watch the television show opening after the jump.
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New Line Is Developing a MacGyver Movie


We first heard about the possibility of a MacGyver film last May, but now it seems like things may be picking up for the film adaptation. THR is reporting that the film is in production at New Line with Raffaella and Martha De Laurentiis producing, along with series creator Lee Zlotoff. No writer has been attached yet and it’s unclear whether Richard Dean Anderson will return to reprise his role as the titular character.
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In this weeks issue of Entertainment Weekly, Office star Rainn Wilson (The Rocker) did a photoshoot as Xena: Warrior Princess, MacGyver, Pauile Walnuts from The Sopranos and Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Check out the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly for the full photos. EW.com has a video from the Xena photoshoot.



Right now, there are two beloved /Film readers at opposing ends of the MacGyver spectrum. One is planted in a computer chair bathing in the brain light of the largest makeshift explosion known to man and the other is thinking “EPIC FAIL” and then typing it in the comments with the eerie calm of having just completed a hate manifesto. Gizmodo reports that MacGyver creator/writer/badass Lee David Zlotoff is planning a big budget MacGyver: The Theatrical Movie. Zlotoff managed to retain the rights years ago, no doubt using duct tape, wire and a Pabst can in the process. I need a nap.

And no, I’m not leaving the fans of Richard Dean Anderson hangin’ with a box of tissues, but Zlotoff didn’t specify whether the man who inspired SNL‘s MacGruber would be back as Angus. My guess? Haha followed by a sigh. Then again, Anderson has his long running, geek-centric Stargate gig and starred in an unbelievable seven seasons, letting his signature character rest after 1994’s TV movie MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday. Zlotoff said he’ll have full control over the film’s direction, so expect a similar tone to the series (not really sure what that tone was to be honest) and not a tepid summer comedy starring Matthew Broderick. More on the new MacGyver as it develops; ignore that loud ticking sound in the meantime. Thanks to /Film reader Jonny of the web famous love nest RedandJonny for the tip.

Discuss: Yes, MacGyver is too good for Page 2. Who should play the mulleted, manly wiz in a feature film? How about Tom Selleck? Anyone have a good MacGyver joke/pun? I clearly do not.